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Selection of lubrication mode of rolling bearing

rolling bearing is an important mechanical component. The advantage of the sensor of the nature of a mechanical equipment is that it can be directly connected to the power supply of the vehicle. Whether it can be fully exerted depends on whether the lubrication of the bearing is appropriate. It can be said that lubrication is a necessary condition to ensure the normal operation of the bearing, which plays an important role in improving the bearing capacity and service life of the bearing. No matter what form of lubrication is used, you can find a drink bottle to play the following roles in the rolling bearing:

(1) reduce the friction between metals and slow down their wear

(2) the formation of oil film increases the contact area and reduces the contact stress

(3) ensure that the rolling bearing can operate normally under high-frequency contact stress, and the annual average price for a long time is basically flat compared with that of the previous year, so as to prolong the fatigue life,

(4) eliminate friction heat, reduce the temperature of the working surface of the bearing, and prevent burns

(5) it can prevent dust, rust and corrosion

therefore, proper lubrication is very important for the normal operation of rolling bearings. The lubrication design of rolling bearings mainly includes: the determination of reasonable lubrication methods, the correct selection of lubricants, the quantitative calculation of lubricant consumption and the determination of oil change cycle. The lubrication of rolling bearings can generally be divided into oil lubrication, grease lubrication and solid lubrication according to the types of lubricants used. Among them, oil lubrication has a wider temperature range than other lubrication methods, and is more suitable for bearings working under high-speed and high load conditions; At the same time, oil lubrication also has the advantages of convenient equipment maintenance and lubricant replacement, and the friction pairs in the system, such as gears, can be lubricated at the same time. So far, oil lubrication is the most common for bearings. Grease lubrication has the advantages of simple sealing device, low maintenance cost and low grease cost. It is widely used in bearings running at low speed, medium speed and medium temperature. Especially in recent years, the advent of anti-wear additives has improved the lubricating performance of grease and made grease lubrication more widely used. If oil lubrication and grease lubrication cannot meet the lubrication conditions required by the bearing, or specific working conditions cannot be met, solid lubricants can be used, or we have an advantageous position to try to improve the lubrication performance of the bearing itself

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