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The choice of drug packaging materials

now the new concept that is gradually being recognized by industry insiders is: don't blindly save money on the packaging box. If you choose a better cardboard, you don't have to spend more money, and you may also find a small new economic growth point

1. Analyze the misunderstanding

at present, many domestic pharmaceutical enterprises choose relatively cheap white board as the packaging material of medicine boxes in order to reduce costs

for the same packaging box, the average cost difference between high-grade paperboard and cheap paperboard is about 5 cents. Sometimes, due to the different printing quantity, the cost difference is oneortwo cents. However, domestic enterprises are generally unwilling to spend more money, and it is generally believed that if you can save, you can save. In fact, these enterprises have several conceptual misunderstandings. For example, using high-grade paperboard to replace 300g paperboard with lower price does not need the same gram, usually 250g can be used, but domestic enterprises still insist on choosing 300g paperboard when switching to high-grade whiteboard, resulting in unnecessary waste; There are also enterprises that choose high-grade packaging cardboard only when the price of drugs is high. For low-cost drugs, of course, choose cheap cardboard; Even some enterprises have largely replaced the traditional molding and foaming technology industry in the industry. Because the low-cost paperboard is not crisp enough, it is required to cover the printed paperboard with film, which not only increases the cost, but also is not environmentally friendly. The main reasons for enterprises to enter the misunderstanding are that domestic enterprises do not have a strong awareness of packaging economy and do not pay enough attention to it. In addition, the negative lessons of health products have also prompted some pharmaceutical enterprises to form these misunderstandings. Because the packaging of some health products in the market is too fancy and flashy, many domestic pharmaceutical enterprises have formed the idea that the packaging box should not be too gorgeous

in this regard, Caihong, Secretary General of the China Pharmaceutical Packaging Association, believes that at present, many domestic pharmaceutical packaging is not only backward in design, but also mostly uses gray bottom white board paper with recycled pulp as raw material, which is neither beautiful nor hygienic. Some toxic substances in recycled pulp still exist in packaging paperboard. The packaging size and design of some enterprises' products are unreasonable, and some color designs are not suitable for printing, especially the enterprises' lack of attention to the cartoning rate of paperboard, which have caused potential waste of funds. In this case, enterprises want to maintain a low packaging cost, which is bound to further reduce the grade of packaging boxes

2. Introduce the concept of yield

according to professionals, at present, the paperboard used in drug packaging boxes mainly includes gray bottom whiteboard with recycled pulp as raw material, white bottom whiteboard and white board with fresh wood pulp as raw material. In terms of white cardboard, the market is mainly divided into SBS and FBB. The former uses bleached chemical pulp as raw material and has a two-layer structure, which is characterized by high whiteness, but the stiffness and thickness of the same gram weight paperboard are poor; The latter uses bleached chemical pulp as the surface and bottom layer of paperboard, while mechanical pulp as the raw material to form the middle layer, forming a three-layer structure of paperboard. Its characteristics are that under the condition of the same gram weight, it has good thickness and high hardness, thus bringing good die-cutting effect and crease effect. Due to the difference of paperboard structure, the gram weight of paperboard with the same thickness and stiffness will be different. At present, the pricing of white cardboard is based on the weight. Kevin SIAT, chairman and CEO of the American flight safety foundation, said that the pricing is based on the unit, that is, under the premise of the same weight of white cardboard, the thickness and stiffness of white cardboard are the same. If you choose a lower gram weight, its printing area will be relatively large, and the box delivery rate will be improved, thereby reducing the cost of a single box

for this reason, someone introduced the concept of yield: when the thickness and stiffness of white cardboard are the same, the percentage of the difference between the grams of different white cardboard is called yield. For example, there are two kinds of white cardboard with the same thickness and stiffness, one of which has a gram weight of 300g and the other has a gram weight of 270g. Compared with 300g white cardboard, the yield of 270g white cardboard is 10%. In other words, if you choose 270g white cardboard, you will gain 10% more

according to the introduction of professionals from the Finnish forestry company, in general, the yield of FBB is 7% to 10% higher than that of SBS. This is mainly because the middle layer of FBB uses mechanical pulp, which forms a relatively stable "Z" structure under the support of mechanical pulp fibers, ensuring the stiffness of white cardboard; At the same time, mechanical wood pulp fiber also brings the advantages of high thickness and low gram weight. Due to the poor quality of recycled wood pulp fiber, in order to meet certain stiffness requirements, the stiffness and thickness requirements can only be achieved by increasing the gram weight during use. In the cost calculation of paperboard, the introduction of the concept of yield will be much better than the traditional method of cost accounting only based on tonnage

in addition to the above factors, it is also very important to pay attention to the added value brought by high-quality white cardboard. Higher stiffness and loose thickness will bring good die cutting and indentation effects to the paperboard, making the molding effect of the medicine box more stable and exquisite; For the medicine boxes that need to pass through the automatic packaging line, its good machine performance can improve the packaging speed and reduce the downtime and scrap rate caused by the poor molding of the medicine boxes, which is also a factor that cannot be ignored in reducing the comprehensive cost

3. Packaging creates value

today, with the increasingly obvious homogenization of products, product packaging is becoming an effective means to distinguish their own products from other products

in recent years, with the rapid development of information technology and pharmaceutical packaging industry, the international paper industry is also constantly infiltrating into the packaging field. According to the characteristics of different industries and the special requirements of different products for packaging, we have developed various products that can meet users' anti-counterfeiting, personalized design, easy to print, neat and economical. The quality of drugs is closely related to the packaging technology, packaging materials and automation level of drugs. But at present, the whole industry is still in a relatively primitive state in the design of outer packaging and the selection of paperboard. In particular, over the years, most domestic drugs have been sold to patients through hospitals and can meet the innovative needs of customers in the wire and cable industry. Patients have little choice over drugs, so it doesn't matter about drug packaging. With the reform of the medical system and the implementation of drug classification management, the proportion of patients choosing drugs by themselves will be greatly increased, and beautiful packaging can have an impact on consumers' vision, produce a sense of trust in the quality of drugs, and thus improve their desire to buy. Therefore, pharmaceutical enterprises should pay enough attention to the appearance, design and quality of packaging. Especially for OTC drugs, packaging will be an important means of market competition

there are more than 1800 foreign-funded pharmaceutical enterprises in China, and 80% of the world's top 50 pharmaceutical companies have seized the Chinese market. These pharmaceutical enterprises mainly produce western medicine preparations, accounting for more than 30% of China's pharmaceutical market. In terms of packaging, most of them have maintained their own brand design features and packaging materials, and only put on Chinese characters, which are still high-end, concise and contemporary. In contrast, the OTC products of domestic enterprises have fallen behind in advertising. If the packaging design does not keep up, it is far from enough to rely on price advantage alone

pharmaceutical enterprises with foreign capital background generally attach great importance to drug packaging, because they believe that packaging is an important part of product image, and the internal and external appearance of products should be consistent. The packaging board of Beijing Novartis pharmaceutical company is the product of a European company. When it comes to the reasons, the manager of the Logistics Department of the company believes that the first priority is the reputation and product quality of suppliers. The products used now are from suppliers of Novartis' European headquarters, which can meet the requirements of the headquarters for suppliers and meet international norms in terms of safety, environmental protection, health control, etc; The second is the price factor. Domestic paperboard suppliers have price advantages, but they still need additional certification fees to obtain recognition

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