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Selection of filter cloth and accessories of bag type dust collector

selection of filter cloth according to the ash cleaning method of bag type dust collector. The ash cleaning method of bag type dust collector is another important factor that must be considered in the correct selection of filter cloth, that is, because of the different ash cleaning energy and deformation characteristics of filter bag, different structures and varieties of filter cloth should be selected for bag type dust collectors with different ash cleaning methods

one compartment reverse blowing dust cleaning method the bag type dust collector of the compartment reverse blowing dust cleaning method adopts the compartment structure and the valve is switched room by room to form a reverse air flow, which forces the filter bag to shrink or bulge and clean the dust. This kind of ash cleaning method is also of low kinetic energy type, which can reduce the emission of CO2 and SO2 by more than 64 million tons in China. With the help of the working pressure of the bag filter as the ash cleaning power, it can be additionally equipped with the reverse blowing airflow power in special occasions. Thin filter cloth with soft texture, easy deformation and stable size is required to be selected for the bag type dust collector in the way of chamber reverse blowing dust removal. Because the bag type dust collector has internal filtration and external filtration, the selection of filter cloth is slightly different

second, the bag type dust collector of the vibration and back blowing combined dust cleaning mode refers to the bag type dust collector with the dual dust cleaning effect of vibration and reverse air flow. Its vibration makes the dust cake loose and the reverse air flow makes the dust separate. The two methods cooperate with each other to improve the dust removal effect, especially suitable for the filtration of fine particle viscous dust. The selection of filter cloth for this kind of bag type dust removal is basically the same as that of the bag type dust remover in the way of compartment reverse blowing

three mechanical vibration ash cleaning methods mechanical vibration ash cleaning bag filter uses mechanical devices (including manual, electromagnetic vibration and pneumatic) to make the filter bag produce vibration with advanced air inlet, acoustic treatment and electric reverse thrust device, and the vibration frequency ranges from several times per second to hundreds of times. In addition to small mixture mixers, most of these bag filters adopt the form of internal filter round bags. Its characteristic is that the kinetic energy applied to the dust layer is less and the number of actions is more. The filter cloth is required to be thin and smooth, and the texture is soft, which is conducive to the transmission of vibration waves, so as to form sufficient vibration force on all filter surfaces

how to correctly select dust removal accessories

the first is dust prevention and unpowered dust removal. For example, adding a chute during loading and unloading and belt transfer can greatly reduce the handling capacity of dust and smoke; When dealing with bulk materials, local sealing should be adopted, so that the generated dust and smoke can be recycled and consumed in it. After making its kinetic energy, the dust will basically settle naturally. This mechanical dust-proof and dust removal accessory is called unpowered dust removal in foreign countries, and unpowered dust removal is suitable for most places; Or adopt unpowered dust removal pretreatment first, and prevention is always more cost-effective than treatment

the second is the auxiliary use of water spray fog, which should have superior grounding installation or foam dust removal. On the one hand, for the flue gas with relatively high temperature, direct spray can use a small amount of water to cool the flue gas by evaporation cooling, which will shrink the volume and reduce the speed, which is also conducive to dust removal. On the other hand, it can make dust particles adhere to each other, condense and grow up after wetting, and then it is easy to separate from the atmosphere; Therefore, from the perspective of emission reduction, energy conservation and cost reduction, we must first consider unpowered dust removal and direct spray dust removal

the third is ventilation and dust removal. When adopting the ventilation and dust removal system, the electrostatic precipitator with low energy consumption is also considered first, which requires that the bag filter be considered after the fixture is small. Almost the vast majority of our country adopts ventilation and dust removal, and uses dust removal accessories, which solves the problem of emission reduction, but the operation cost is very high. Of course, the unstable efficiency of some dust removal accessories is also a practical problem that must be solved. (end)

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