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The record 100th pterodactyl UAV will be delivered overseas

yesterday, AVIC (Chengdu) UAV System Co., Ltd., which operates with a new mechanism and system, was inaugurated in Chengdu, and the handover ceremony of the 100th pterodactyl UAV was held at the same time. This indicates that the international market position of the high-end UAV industry in the aviation industry is constantly stable, and that the pterodactyl series UAV in the aviation industry is moving forward towards full pedigree development

the establishment of AVIC (Chengdu) UAV System Co., Ltd. is not only an important measure for the aviation industry to implement the new development concept and promote the in-depth development of military civilian integration, but also a beneficial practice to promote the deepening of enterprise reform and innovation of industrial development mode, which will further pool industry resources, consolidate the industry position of enterprises It plays an important role in training innovative talents. At the same time, it is of great significance to further optimize the industrial structure of aviation industry products, adjust the production capacity layout, integrate into the local economy and industrial development, and enhance the competitiveness in the world's high-end UAV market

according to the introduction, AVIC (Chengdu) UAV System Co., Ltd. will rely on the advantages of UAV R & D technology of AVIC Chengdu Institute of aviation industry, the advantages of aircraft manufacturing and supply chain of AVIC, the advantages of overseas market channels of AVIC, the advantages of local military and civil integration industry clusters, and the innovation advantages of mixed ownership system, Based on the market-oriented principle of "asset light operation, open development and mixed shares", through the deep integration of high-quality resources, focusing on the broad market at home and abroad, seize the major strategic opportunities of economic and social transformation and upgrading, promote the industrialization and international development of high-end UAVs, and create a new era of domestic leading and world-class UAV system specialization companies with steadily improved R & D and manufacturing strength and system integration services

at the same time, the company will focus on the core value creation ability of UAVs, adhere to independent innovation and technology guidance, take the seriation and pedigree development of pterodactyl project as the traction, and rely on the strong technical reserves and human resources of the aviation industry, strive to build the "dragon" series UAV system brand, comprehensively promote the innovative development of China's UAV industry, and strive to become a technology leader and industrial pioneer in the field of high-end UAVs

this time, the airline has made it difficult to implement the stable supply of new energy vehicles 1, which is a high-end product, and has posed a serious constraint. The joint cooperation between the air industry and local governments and social capital will further give play to the advantages of military industry and local governments, promote the in-depth development of military civilian integration and other reform and innovation work, speed up the construction of the military civilian integration aviation industry base in Sichuan Province, and effectively drive the joint development of upstream and downstream enterprises in the aviation industry chain in Sichuan Province

the 100th wing ④ output and print various experimental report formats (the report format can be output in Excel or word format) dragon UAV is about to be delivered

yesterday, the 100th wing dragon UAV passed all acceptance in Chengdu and is about to be delivered to overseas users, setting a new record for the export of UAVs in China, which is also a new milestone on the development path of the wing dragon series UAVs with completely independent intellectual property rights in China

Wu Shengyue, Secretary of the Party committee and chairman of AVIC, revealed in the interview that among the products exported by China's UAVs, the pterodactyl series is a well deserved star, "it has won a good reputation in the international market, and half of the users have continued to purchase." Wu Shengyue said that in the future, pterodactyl drones and other Drones will continue to play a role in counter-terrorism and riot control, border patrol, meteorological services and other aspects

before that, the pterodactyl I-D UAV successfully completed its first flight mission as planned. This is China's first all composite multi-purpose UAV developed by the aviation industry Chengdu aircraft design and Research Institute, which is an important milestone in the seriation development of China's aviation industry pterodactyl family of UAVs

the multi-purpose unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) is praised as the "wing of the elite" in the 21st century. In 2005, Chengdu Institute of aviation industry took the hollow long endurance multi-purpose UAV as a breakthrough and began the independent development of pterodactyl I UAV. After years of development, the pterodactyl project has gradually expanded from a single product to a series of products, and has shown excellent performance in actual combat. Then the manufacturer attaches great importance to the quality of the equipment, which has won unanimous praise in the international market, and has become a new business card for the export of China's aviation products and a star product trusted by overseas users

with the delivery of the 100th pterodactyl series UAV, the aviation industry will comprehensively promote the innovative development of the UAV industry, strive to become a technology leader and industrial pioneer in the field of high-end UAVs, and strive to build a first-class brand of "dragon" series UAV system. Newspaper yangcaihua

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