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The addressee and the delivery clerk are arguing over whether to inspect the goods first or sign first. The buyer naturally wants to inspect the goods first, but the delivery clerk often requires to sign first. Generally speaking, it doesn't hurt to talk about who comes first, but a few days ago, Mr. He, a citizen of Changzhou, got in trouble with the express brother if the spring installed in the car didn't pass the strict test. Mr. He is to inspect the goods first, and the express brother is to sign for it first. The two sides had a row for more than an hour, and finally called the police. So, is there any relevant regulation on whether express delivery should inspect the goods first or sign for them first? Yangzi paid a visit

citizens complained that the courier wouldn't let them inspect the goods first, and quarreled for 1 hour.

Mr. He, a Changzhou citizen, lives in Benniu Jiuli. A few days ago, he bought a pull-out aluminum alloy ladder on the. Within two days, the express boy delivered the goods to the door. The delivery was Shentong express. When the courier gave the package to Mr. He, he handed him a bill at the same time. Neo plastics launched an organic additive at the end of 2017 and asked him to sign on it

Mr. He is worried about the poor quality of the ladder. Although the outer packaging is good, he still wants to inspect the goods first. However, the express brother just disagreed and asked Mr. He to sign for the goods before inspecting them, claiming that this was the company's regulation. Mr. He was still worried, "if I signed, but opened the package and found that there was a problem with the goods, who should be responsible?"

the two sides argued and refused to give in. After arguing for more than an hour, they almost moved their hands in the end. Mr. He said that later, the express brother called the police. After the police arrived, they mediated on the spot. Finally, Mr. He first signed on the express bill, opened the package in front of the courier and inspected the goods. He found that the goods were indeed intact, and the matter came to an end

the company responded that the recipient could not unpack without signing

on the dispute between Mr. He and the courier, Yangtze Evening News interviewed Shentong express

the wiring staff said that it is the company's internal regulations to sign first and then inspect the goods. In the express company's view, this package does not belong to the recipient until it is signed, so the recipient cannot unpack and inspect the goods. The recipient can inspect the goods only after signing. For the recipients who must inspect the goods first, the company also has regulations that they can temporarily receive the package back and leave a message to the sender to inform the other party that the recipient requires inspection. If the sender agrees, the courier will deliver the goods the next day

then why doesn't the express brother come according to the company's regulations? The staff member explained that the courier was still young, and something had happened at home, so he was not in a good mood. The company didn't want him to come to work, but he insisted on going to work. As a result, he had problems working with emotion. In this regard, the company also feels sorry for the recipient Mr. He

although the matter has passed, Mr. he bluntly said that he should make clear this reason, "should we inspect the goods first or sign to receive the goods first?"

for this reason, Yangzi Evening News contacted Changzhou Administration for Industry and commerce. The staff of the consumer protection office believed that according to the provisions of the consumer law, operators should not refuse consumers' verification and review of the quality and measurement of goods that can be automatically opened when providing goods or services to consumers. The relevant provisions of the postal industry standard of express service implemented by the State Post Office also make it clear that when the express service personnel deliver the express to the recipient, they should be obliged to inform the recipient to accept the express in person, and the recipient should confirm and sign after there is no objection to the acceptance. Therefore, the staff of the consumer protection office believes that consumers have the right to inspect the goods before signing for them

authoritative statement

to receive fragile products, you should check the inner parts first and then sign for them.

"the express market management measures have clearly stipulated whether to inspect the goods first or sign for them first. But many people still have a vague understanding of this."

Zhou Rong, director of the market supervision department of Changzhou postal administration, said that Article 17 of the measures for the administration of express delivery market clearly stipulates that enterprises operating express delivery business that touch the side wheel and side beam at the moment to produce eccentric load force to prevent the car from rotating should inform the recipient of face-to-face acceptance. If the outer package of express (mail) is intact, the recipient shall sign for confirmation. If the express (mail) delivered is marked as fragile and the outer package is obviously damaged, the enterprise shall inform the recipient to check and accept the inner part before signing for receipt. For online shopping, payment collection and other express mails (e-mails) with special agreements with users, the enterprise shall clarify the rights and obligations of delivery and acceptance in the contract with the sender, and provide acceptance services that meet the agreement. After there is no objection to the acceptance, the recipient shall sign for confirmation

"in the case of Mr. He, the express brother is right, but since Mr. he strongly requires inspection, generally speaking, the express brother will not be difficult for the recipient." Zhou Rong said frankly that after all, it is the service industry, and word of mouth is very important. Generally speaking, express delivery enterprises will not compete with service objects for this small matter

then, if you don't allow the goods to be inspected first, what if the goods in the express are broken

Zhou Rong told that in fact, consumers don't have to worry about this. If there is a product quality problem, the relevant laws and regulations clearly should be borne by the seller. Some irresponsible sellers who want to shirk, can also go to the express company, because the express company cannot prove that it was not damaged in the transportation process, it will first pay the buyer's loss, and then discuss the compensation with the seller

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