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Today's recruitment work together with the secondary vocational colleges in Henan Province to actively explore a new mode of student job search

Henan Province, as the largest province of labor export in China, is promoting the pace of China's economic development. As the main body of the cultivation of medium and high-end skilled talents, the secondary vocational colleges in Henan Province are undertaking the major task of transporting skilled talents for enterprises across the country. However, with the increasingly severe employment situation in recent years, how can secondary vocational colleges accurately and quickly connect with enterprises; Ensuring students' employment development and improving students' competitiveness in work have always affected the nerves of major secondary vocational colleges

in the afternoon of May 29, 49 secondary vocational colleges represented by Zhengzhou Mechanical and electrical engineering school and Zhongmou electronic technology technical secondary school entered the headquarters of Binxing Technology Co., Ltd. in Hangzhou. Before electroplating its metal parts, they should pay attention to the following points. Today's recruitment is about how to optimize students' job search paths and solve the information asymmetry between enterprises and colleges; How to improve students' employment competitiveness and other issues are discussed in depth

At the beginning of the meeting, Wangyongxiang, general manager of Hangzhou Binxing Technology Co., Ltd., made a brief analysis on the problems of mechanic craftsman spirit and students' Entrepreneurship and employment in the electromechanical industry. Undoubtedly, the asymmetry between the recruitment information of enterprises and the job hunting information of college students has become the primary pain point for colleges to solve students' job hunting. Since the launch of today's recruitment in 2013, it has been committed to optimizing the job search path of talents. In the face of the large job search demand of college students and the wide range of majors, today's recruitment actively innovates the recruitment mode, and closely cooperates with major colleges and enterprise parks in 2017. By summarizing the diversified recruitment information of enterprises in various industrial incubation parks, it can meet the different job search needs of colleges and universities, and optimize the job search path of talents in major colleges and universities, Explore the new mode of College Students' job search service

in 2017, the total number of business service personnel recruited for the whole year reached 350000, serving 120000 employers, helping to achieve 170000 employment, and establishing human resources. In 2018, global peek will usher in the peak demand data base, and a recruitment big data information center will be established

in addition, Liu Shuang, CEO of today's recruitment, China cathode materials accounts for 43.77% of the global market. Feng also said: "behind the 'difficult job search' and 'difficult recruitment' are actually a large part of the reasons that come from the impetuous and utilitarian psychology of job seekers. Most job seekers seriously lack the learning and research spirit of doing what they do and love what they do. This is also the reason why the 'craftsman spirit' has been written into the government work report three times."

although various large, medium and small enterprises have implemented the training of "craftsman spirit", as the cradle of skilled talents, secondary vocational colleges obviously have the soil and air for cultivating "craftsman spirit"

Hangzhou Binxing Technology Co., Ltd. hopes to actively cooperate with secondary vocational colleges, which is still a blank. While optimizing the job search path of college students, it will jointly spread the core of craftsman culture. Put the cultivation of craftsman spirit of excellence into the practice of moral education in Colleges and universities, effectively improve students' employment competitiveness and increase students' potential employment opportunities

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