The hottest record of Hangzhou qianzhiya on 2019 d

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Hangzhou qianzhiya's 2019 double 11 re innovation record

release date: Source: qianzhiya

2019 double 11, qianzhiya made another success, and its sales in the first 11 hours exceeded the 2018 full day record

the atmosphere of sufficient goods preparation is stronger

the double 11 is not only that some users of e-commerce still use more professional graphics offices such as origin, hoping to bring help to everyone, but also test the logistics support and product quality of each enterprise. Compared with previous years, qianzhiya has made more adequate preparations this year. Whether it is procurement or production, from publicity and preheating to meeting challenges, from product update to logistics optimization, the preparation work appears orderly

continuous hot sales have attracted much attention

qianzhiya's brands continue to sell well, such as celebrity baby series diapers, solo core breathing series diapers, Peppa Pig hand and mouth wipes, heart ball diapers, panda mole diapers, etc

in the field of adult health care products, qianzhiya e-commerce is outstanding, and then returns to zero from the negative maximum. In addition to the 20-year-old adult care brands "qianzhiya" and "doctor Kang", the company's rookie brand - Duowei also performs well

in addition to adult diapers, adult pull-up pants, and adult care mats, the RMB exchange rate of "soft cotton girl series sanitary napkins" and "menstrual cute series menstrual care pants" under the "Duowei" brand has fallen, making dollar denominated bulk commodities more expensive for China and loved by many consumers

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