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Recycling and repairing the main board of the Yaskawa robot manipulator ycp01b

recycling and repairing the main board of the Yaskawa robot manipulator ycp01b-e Yaskawa robot C

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recycling and repairing the main board of the Yaskawa robot manipulator YCP they briefed the staff of the U.S. Embassy on their worries about the industry 01b-e Yaskawa robot C

there was a large difference between the straight axis and the quadrature axis, The reluctance synchronous motor is also divided into single-phase capacitor operation type, single-phase capacitor starting type, single-phase double value capacitor type and other types. Hysteresis synchronous motor is a synchronous motor that uses hysteresis materials to produce hysteresis torque. It is divided into inner rotor hysteresis synchronous motor, outer rotor hysteresis synchronous motor and single-phase shaded pole hysteresis synchronous motor. The rotor structure of the inner rotor hysteresis synchronous motor is the hidden pole type. The appearance is a smooth cylinder. There is no winding on the rotor. However, there is an annular effective layer made of hysteresis material on the outer circle of the core. Test method of stator leaf spring bench fatigue tester after the winding is connected to the power supply, the magnetic field generated makes the hysteresis rotor produce asynchronous torque and start. Then it is pulled into the synchronous operation state by itself. When the motor operates asynchronously, the stator magnetic field magnetizes the rotor repeatedly with slip; During synchronous operation

our company mainly sells Mitsubishi, Yaskawa, Emerson, yamayo, LG (LS) power, Shengang instruments, A-B, West instruments, Panasonic, Muller, hailip, Ourui, Fuji, Omron, abb, FESTO, Delta, Ming 4 Click the pendulum button. If there is no news or speed increase for the pendulum, slow latitude, Sanken, FESTO, Dr. Rexroth (Cornwall), Lenze, Toshiba, mingdianshe, Toshiba Toky, Shike sick, and other brands. At the same time, our company has rich channel resources, and many discontinued and out of stock products may be adjustable. Welcome new and old customers to inquire

the company adheres to people-oriented and scientific and technological innovation. We have designed and transformed advanced energy-saving automatic control systems for customers in the fields of constant pressure water supply, printing and dyeing machinery, textile machinery, printing and packaging, plastic building materials, wires and cables, automatic production lines and so on, and provided them with thoughtful pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales services, which have been highly praised by customers

at the same time, the company has a professional maintenance technical team, which specializes in the maintenance and recycling of servo motors, servo drivers, sensors, frequency converters, PLC, touch screens, circuit boards, etc

recover and repair the mainboard of Yaskawa robot manipulator ycp01b-e Yaskawa robot c

you can take suspected parts to a good computer to try. At the same time, you can also connect the good parts to the faulty computer to try. If there is a self-test error or the capacity is wrong. We can use this method to judge the real culprit of the fault. We use the motherboard BIOS self-test system and the detection card to eliminate the motherboard fault. The computer does not display when it is turned on. The first thing we need to check is BIOS. The BIOS of the motherboard stores important hardware data. At the same time, the BIOS is also a fragile part of the motherboard, which is very vulnerable to damage. Once damaged, the system will not work. This kind of failure is generally caused by the destruction of the main board BIOS by CIH (of course, it does not rule out the failure of the main board itself. The system cannot run. Generally, the data in the hard disk will be lost after the BIOS is destroyed, so we can judge whether the BIOS is damaged by detecting whether the hard disk data is intact.

while the hard start is the opposite. The concept is AC-DC-AC; three-phase 380V (220V)/50hz AC is rectified into pulsating DC through the rectifier bridge, Through the electrolytic capacitor filter, the direct current is changed into three-phase variable alternating current after the control board controls IPM, IGBT or module. 1 the function of keyboard is to set parameters, parameter values (such as current, voltage, temperature, speed, etc.) and speed regulation. 2 the function of the power board is to provide the working voltage of each part of the circuit and the positive operation of each circuit. 3 the function of the control motherboard is to generate six drive signals to control the inverter module, and also to process each protection signal and each interface signal. 4. The function of rectifier bridge is to change the input AC into DC. The function of electrolytic capacitor is to change the pulsating DC current after rectification into DC current. 6 the function of charging resistance is to limit the current of the main electrolytic capacitor at the moment of power on, so as to prevent the charging current from damaging the rectifier bridge and the main electrolytic capacitor

7 the function of relay or capacitor is to short-circuit the charging resistance and bear the main current after the main electrolytic capacitor is charged. 8 the function of the inverter module is to change the DC current into a three-phase AC close to the sine wave. The function of fuse is to protect inverter module and rectifier bridge. Instead of the slip motor speed regulation system with relatively high failure rate caused by, and various valve control modes with poor control accuracy. Save energy by 20~40%, reduce equipment wear, investment in spare parts, improve control accuracy and service life of equipment. Our center provides 7.5kw~110kw products, which have been applied in 121j ammonia transfer pump of Yunnan natural gas chemical plant, paddle pump of Kunming chemical fertilizer plant, metering pump, phosphoric acid pump of Yunnan nitrogen fertilizer plant, sludge pump of Honghezhou phosphate fertilizer plant and other equipment for many years, and have been running smoothly without failure, and have achieved good economic benefits. Instead of the wind deflector regulating air volume mode with serious energy waste, the fan vibration motor can realize the current shock of loading at the same load rate or loading at the same stress rate

avoid mechanical oscillation, -- reduce the failure rate of equipment, reduce the workload of equipment maintenance, and it is easy to realize microcomputer or closed-loop automatic adjustment of air volume and pressure. Our center provides 37kw~93kw and 160kw~280kw products from Fuji of Japan, which are applied to equipment such as hanging kiln tail exhaust fan, powder selection exhaust fan and shaft kiln fan of Kunming cement plant, Kaiyuan cement plant, Yunnan white cement plant, Zhejiang Lin'an Qingshan cement plant and other building materials industry manufacturers. The energy-saving effect is up to 50~70%, and the effect is very remarkable. Improve the utilization rate of the equipment, adjust the mixing speed when producing different products, and use the soft start characteristics of the frequency converter to meet the process requirements of reaction mixing and uniformity. The 2.2~15 products provided by our center have been applied in various reactor mixers of Kunming flat glass factory, Kunming Chemical Fertilizer Factory, Kunming oxygen factory, Changshu chemical fertilizer factory and other manufacturers, and have been praised by all manufacturers. Instead of the slip motor which is difficult to adapt to this kind, it is more convenient to realize the microcomputer automatic control mode

can achieve satisfactory results. If CCD can achieve 36 bit accuracy. However, three 8-bit digital to analog converters are used, and only 24 bit data accuracy is left in the output, which is a waste for CCD. If three 16 bit digital to analog converters are used, 48 bit data output is achieved, but the effect is not as good as 36 bits. Log to analog converter is a waste. 1 digital to analog converter is a system that converts digital signals into analog signals, which can generally be achieved by low-pass filtering, The digital signal is carried out first, that is, the digital code is converted into the corresponding level. Form a stepped signal. Then carry out low-pass filtering, according to the theory of signal and system. Digital stepped signal can be regarded as the convolution of ideal impulse sampling signal and rectangular pulse signal. According to the convolution theorem, the spectrum of digital signal is the product of the spectrum of impulse sampling signal and rectangular pulse spectrum (i.e. SA function)

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