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The recovery of the global automobile industry has driven up the rubber price

after the poor operation in 2008, the global automobile industry has recovered significantly under the guidance of the policies of governments to stimulate automobile consumption. Good market sales data has led to an increase in the demand for tires made of rubber. How to identify and calculate the specific yield strength, and the rubber price has doubled on the basis of the low point in December last year. At the close of yesterday, the continuous price of rubber on Shanghai futures exchange closed at 18005 yuan/ton, up 510 yuan or 2.92%. This price has increased by more than 80% compared with the beginning of 2009, and has doubled compared with December of 2013. However, compared with the previous high of 28420 yuan/ton, there is still a gap of 10000 yuan

"as the downstream of rubber, the strong demand of the automotive industry has played an obvious role in promoting, and the development speed of China's automotive industry has exceeded market expectations, which has played an important supporting role in the steady rise of rubber prices." Feng Zhengyu, an analyst at Jingyi futures, said

according to the latest statistical data of domestic automobile production and sales in the first seven months released by the China Association of automobile manufacturers, China's automobile production and sales reached 710.0 in August, respectively. When the samples were broken or damaged, 90000 and 7184400 vehicles, an increase of 20.23% and 23.38% year-on-year respectively. The recovery of China's automobile industry has led to the recovery of the tire industry. In January this year, the cumulative output of tires in China reached 304 million, an increase of 10.1% year-on-year. At the same time, car sales in North America and Europe also stopped falling and rebounded. Europe, Germany, France and other countries have good auto sales data under the guidance of government policies to stimulate auto consumption; The decline of automobile sales in Japan slowed down; The United States, the world's largest auto consumer, has also seen a turnaround - the restructuring of General Motors in the United States is progressing smoothly, and the new financing plan is expected to be implemented. GM's sales in the second quarter of this year increased by 20% month on month, while Ford successfully realized profits in the second quarter after escaping bankruptcy protection

generally speaking, China has made a historic breakthrough in the products and skills of large and super large cranes. July and August are the peak seasons for the supply of natural rubber at home and abroad. However, after the sharp fall in rubber prices in 2008, rubber producing countries increased their purchasing and storage efforts and reduced market supply. At present, the rainy weather in Thailand and Malaysia and the drought overwintering season in southern Indonesia have led to tight market supply. Last week, Thailand said that the Thai government had extended the rubber intervention plan to the end of 2010 to help rubber prices continue to rise from the nearly seven-year low. At present, the Thai index RSS3 Thai glue price has rebounded to more than US $2 per kilogram, compared with us $1.10 in December last year. Analysts pointed out that the market speculative inventory is increasing, which refers to the hoarding of goods by consumers who are bullish and the increase of inventory by spot producers who are reluctant to sell

Yu mengguo, vice president of Jinpeng futures, pointed out that the example of sugar can circumstantiate the recent trend of rubber - the recent sharp rise in the international raw sugar futures price due to the drought in India, and the domestic sugar inventory is abundant, but the news that the national and local storage time has been postponed led to the rise of the daily limit of sugar on Monday. "Inflation is the biggest fundamental in the future." He said

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