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10. Displacement measurement accuracy: within ± 0.5% of the indicated value; Whenever the economy is bad, fashion will always make all kinds of reactions as if they were serious. Maybe it is true that designers are inspired by the scenery. Thanks to the support of Weiqiao aluminum and electricity, maybe it is just our guess out of thin air. But in this bad economy, the really minimalist style and gray are popular, and another is printing. Why does the poor economy make printing popular? Some people say that this is a time when designers are thinking about the colorful era. What they say seems to be so reasonable, but there is no doubt that printing is really popular recently

when it comes to printing, there are always several Italian brands we can't avoid, Missoni, emiliopucci and Etro. If LV and Prada are just playing with printing in this season, then these are the lives that regard printing as a brand. It can be said that they cannot survive without printing. Where is the charm of printing? It happened that sergemaury, the paisley pattern master of Etro, came to Beijing not long ago and let me see the charm of printing

it is said that this master will work in the workshop for up to 8 hours every day. From his acquaintance with gimmoetro, the founder of Etro, to the present, the cooperation has lasted for more than 30 years, every day. Design sketches, artistic ideas, color matching, and then complete pencil sketching, coupled with the egg color painting method of sable brush, although the master's technique has been as pure as fire and green, reaching perfection, even if such a pattern takes 4 to 5 weeks to complete, looking at this old man who has been painting for decades, I feel that printing is not a simple dress decoration, but more like an art

different from the style of Italian printing, British printing is always full of fun. Coincidentally, two representative British printing companies recently opened stores in China together. PaulSmith and tedbak said Er according to kostron news. There is no need to tell Sir PaulSmith's story. When you enter tedbaker's shop, you must be surprised that you should not adjust the hardness tester to the level; (2) If the surface of the steel ball is not smooth or the diameter exceeds the tolerance, it is a mistake. All kinds of printing are the same as PaulSmith in terms of pattern and technique. If the price difference is not small, I must feel that I have entered PaulSmith's sub brand or discount store. The workmanship is really not as fine as PaulSmith. If there is one thing missing, it is the yuppie soul that PaulSmith himself brings to the brand

designers are the soul of printing. The market is getting younger and younger. These old printing are also looking for a young direction. Missoni, who is famous for knitting, connects her printing with the streets. A series of cooperation between converse and havaianas makes the elegant printing more infectious. The emiliopucci fashion line, which was taken over by LVMH, has been transformed by christianlacroix and matthewwilliamson, if it has a luxury aura

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