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Plastic bottle packaging will win the paper packaging market in an all-round way

according to experts' prediction, the application of plastic in packaging will account for 50% in 2008, and the annual growth rate of plastic packaging will remain at about 3.1% by 2008. Plastic packaging will gradually occupy the paper packaging material market and occupy a larger market share. This is because compared with paper packaging, plastic packaging has obvious advantages. In addition, the rise of people's income and the improvement of living standards provide opportunities for the diversified development of plastic packaging

paper packaging for food: the main alternative field of plastic packaging according to the prediction of

, pet food, fruit drinks, poultry and eggs, candy and baked goods are the fastest growing in the market. Compared with other beverages, plastic bottles are used for small amount packaging of milk, which is more powerful and more convenient to replace carton packaging. 3. It is competitive not to stretch hands or sticks into the mixing bag or clear the mortar at the mouth of the bag during operation. In addition, the further development of packaging technology, such as the application of rapid packaging machine, not only reduces the packaging cost, but also increases the variety, which has accelerated the development of plastic packaging, especially the growth of pet food packaging

in terms of health factors, the growth of hard plastic packaging containers, such as plastic bottles, cups, plates and tubes, is higher than that of soft plastic packaging. These kinds of packaging are mainly used for frozen food, baked food, etc. Although paper packaging for food is currently strong, it will gradually be replaced by plastic

in the next five years, the competitiveness and profit margin of paper packaging will become smaller and smaller, and the consumption and demand will also show a downward trend. Compared with plastic packaging, only the food industry is still competitive, because considering health factors, it has stimulated the use of paper packaging in the disposable field, such as cardboard boxes, paper barrels, packaging paper and bags. Therefore, paper packaging has declined more slowly than other uses in terms of being replaced by plastic. Paper has breathing function, is conducive to environmental protection, has advantages in food packaging, and will continue to occupy the packaging market, especially corrugated boxes are widely used

compared with transportation and retail packaging, the experimental speed of different springs taken from plastic bags is basically the following: compression spring: 200mm/min; Lockable spring: 200mm/min; Rigid locking: 2mm/min; Elastic locking: the speed of 8mm/min generation is slower, and the market is now saturated. Plastic packaging is expected to develop in transportation barrels and ton bagging. In short, in the past 20 years, paper packaging is being replaced by plastic packaging, and small paper bags will continue to grow slightly due to the stability of the non-staple food market and the healthy development of the supermarket handbag Market

high barrier performance: the magic weapon for plastic packaging to occupy the first opportunity has matured from

to the market, and further growth will be limited. However, high barrier materials will contribute to the rapid development of plastic packaging. High pressure polyethylene film is the main plastic film used for packing meat, poultry and seafood. Followed by PVC and nylon. The high barrier performance, puncture resistance, oxygen resistance, adhesion and low cost of plastic packaging film determine its irreplaceable packaging of meat, poultry and seafood. Considering the health factors, the expansion of seafood consumption market also provides enough space for the development of plastic flexible packaging. The semi-finished meat market is the development direction of flexible packaging. You can choose to set up a packaging and processing center in a region, and then transport it to supermarkets and other retail outlets across the country. This can save the cost of cutting and handling in supermarkets, and maintain the freshness of meat for a long time. Meat is packed in plastic shallow plates and bags sealed with plastic film and vacuum body fitted packaging. Wal Mart promoted this form of packaging, which promoted the great development of this new type of packaging

the development trend of semi-finished meat packaging will be the form of air extraction packaging. This kind of package is composed of two layers of plastic film, the outer layer is a high barrier film, and the design purpose is to isolate oxygen, so as to prevent the contents from decay and deterioration; The inner layer is a breathable membrane, so that the food can continue to breathe and maintain freshness

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