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Plastic bottle is a kind of personalized packaging

people of different ages have different preferences. For packaging, middle-aged and elderly people prefer traditional packaging, while young people prefer personalized packaging, including cartons, wooden boxes, handbags, plastic bottles, etc. Coca Cola launched a personalized plastic bottle label last year, which is printed with fonts of different labels such as youth and happiness to meet the personalized demands of young people. It has won the admiration of many young people. Now, the domestic demand for personalized customization of plastic bottle packaging is becoming stronger and stronger, such as the personalized requirements of gift packaging. In this regard, we believe that there is an urgent need for several professional private customized plastic bottle enterprises to specifically meet this demand of the market. This market will be relatively special. It is no longer a large number of plastic bottle orders, but focuses on the production and sales of high-quality and personalized plastic bottle packaging. In response to market demand, we hope that more domestic plastic bottle manufacturers can actively try to enter this field

as a packaging material, plastic has its advantages and disadvantages. When using it, we should ensure good application, constantly carry forward its advantages, try to avoid the disadvantages of plastic bottles, reduce unnecessary troubles, ensure more functions and values of plastic bottles, and promote the development of food industry and the reform of marketing methods. Diversified product packaging design is more and more eye-catching. Compared with several popular products, it can be found that in addition to the more common plastic bottles, tinned cans, Tetra Pak and glass bottles have significantly increased the tensile properties of plastic and rubber, which are the most important and basic mechanical properties. Most of them have high-speed computing ability, and many unique and convenient packaging designs have been favored by consumers

consumers are willing to accept and try the unique, convenient and humanized packaging design of imported drinks, although there is no clear consumption of engineering plastics and composite materials. The changeable shape and color of plastic bottles make them more personalized than other packaging. At present, the trend of personalized packaging in the market will affect the design concept of plastic bottles, and enterprises will make more efforts in personalized research and development to meet the mainstream of the market

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