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Plastic bottle recycling green economy industrial chain gradually becomes

recently, Hebei Zaige renewable vein Industrial Park, which integrates renewable resource recycling, distribution and processing, laid the foundation in Cheng'an mall industrial zone. After its completion, it will be the largest renewable resources production and scientific research base in Asia. With a total investment of 3 billion yuan, the project is dominated by the processing and treatment of waste steel, the dismantling of end-of-life vehicles, the processing of waste plastics, the dismantling of waste electronic products, the processing and treatment of waste non-ferrous metals and waste rubber, the remanufacture of engines and the manufacturing of renewable resource treatment equipment, and has three major platforms: comprehensive services, scientific and technological research and development, and trade logistics. The park will be constructed in three phases. After completion, it will become a domestic leading industrial park integrating renewable resource recovery, distribution and trading, sorting, processing and utilization. Therefore, it has an excellent situation in product development and marketing

the project is planned according to the renewable resources recovery system of the Ministry of Commerce, the circular economy pilot of the national development and Reform Commission and the construction principles of the ecological industrial park of the Ministry of environmental protection. After completion, it will be the largest renewable resources production and scientific research base in Asia, and will play an important role in transforming the mode of economic development, improving resource utilization, promoting circular economy and improving the ecological environment

China's recycled plastic bottle materials processed and produced from recycled waste plastic bottles have recently passed the quality review of authoritative quality inspection institutions, which means that beverage bottles produced from recycled plastic can enter the domestic market

according to zouzuye, vice president of record data of China Packaging Federation, at present, China produces 3million tons of plastic bottles every year and consumes 18million tons of oil every year. If most waste plastic bottles can be recycled and processed into recycled food grade plastic chips, they will replace the original plastic chips made from direct oil every year, saving a lot of oil resources. This recycled plastic can be recycled indefinitely

the production line introduced by Beijing Yingchuang renewable resources Co., Ltd. can recycle 50000 tons of waste PET bottles every year, equivalent to one third of the billions of waste plastic bottles produced in Beijing every year, and can produce 25000 tons of materials for manufacturing recycled plastic bottles

it is understood that after four high-temperature deep cleaning, the recycled waste plastic bottles automatically remove the bottle cap, label, adhesive, residual liquid and other visible pollutants, and then melt and extrude at high temperature to effectively remove impurities. After 12 hours, all microorganisms and small molecular impurities are removed at a high temperature above 200 ℃, and processed into slices of several millimeters square. These transparent slices will be used as raw materials for the production of plastic bottles, which are exactly the same as those produced directly from petroleum processing. Bottle caps are also collected to produce packing belts

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