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Plastic building materials industry is accused or will kill LEED

an article appeared two years ago - will the plastic industry kill LEED? This article points out that the leedv4 draft "changes, and only buildings with good materials are eligible for certification."

Donald Rosato, President of plasti sourceinc, once wrote: "the Green Building Committee regularly updates the LEED standard and now proposes to add the regulation of 'avoiding chemicals'. Industry organizations argue that the regulation will lead builders to stop using some products that can improve energy efficiency, including high-temperature reflective roof membrane waterproof layer, PVC pipe and foam insulation layer. These products can improve energy efficiency, so please pay attention."

the American plastics industry association is concerned that LEED standards have been targeted at the use of any plastic in construction projects, which will lead builders to "no longer choose" plastic products. The damage to the plastic industry may be huge. The plastic industry promotes the technological progress of the construction market, making buildings more energy-saving, products lighter than wood, and does not need to be colored and painted like wood, which will not be eaten by termites

various construction products made of polymer materials will appear at the International Construction Expo every year. Many of these products are made of recycled plastic, which is very important in LEED architecture. Many products are also recyclable, which means that builders do not need to transport the ruins or damaged building materials to the landfill area, but can send them to the recycling station and make them into new products

in addition, considering energy and shipping (due to its light weight), the cost of such plastic products is far lower than that of many traditional building materials. And consumers have realized the benefits of many indoor and outdoor plastic building products

builders once resisted plastic building materials due to different construction methods, but now this phenomenon is no longer superior in quality. They found that there was no big difference in laying PP roof slabs, as well as laying outdoor floors, railings, fences and various indoor plastic decorations

this is a great event and a good thing, and it meets the standard of "green". Some people hope that plastics and its "green" advantages will disappear on the earth, but members of the American Plastics Industry Association and other plastics industry trade organizations flew to Washington to attend the meeting in order to protect plastics

as for what Mr. Levine called "using safer chemical products and plastics", in fact, the progressiveness and performance characteristics of plastic well cover pressure fatigue testing machine industry has made rapid progress in this direction. The problem is that if you want all the advantages of plastic without adding additives, such magical materials may not appear

when the American Plastics Industry Association and other plastics industry organizations held a meeting in Washington this week, ceodavidlevine of the U.S. Business Council for sustainable development called the meeting "a wrong lobbying agenda for the plastics industry". He accused the plastics industry of "shamelessly trying to stop progress."

this debate has a long history, almost as old as the LEED standard itself. At the International Construction Expo held many years ago, many builders delivered a speech on "whether any building with plastic building materials that can be used for steel tapping and pouring should be certified LEED"

a considerable part of its sales comes from the international market. Many people may object to the LEED system's certification of any building using plastic materials, mainly because in their thinking, plastic is a terrible material. LEED's "competitor", greenglobes, also has some critics who accuse "green earth" not only to please the plastic industry, but also the wood industry. However, in the "green" construction industry, we can be sure that the plastic industry and the wood industry cannot conspire

levine refers to the opposition of the plastic industry to leedv4 (pioneer of energy and environmental design) building standards. He believes that the plastic industry should spend some time discussing "stay away from toxic chemicals and use safer plastics". Such an agenda would be better. LEED is the American civil green building certification award

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