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Plastic bottles are expected to become beer packaging bottles

If any beer manufacturer takes the lead in adopting PET packaging, it must increase the price of beer by at least 0.5 yuan. In the turbulent beer market with price war, raising prices is tantamount to an adventure

no one dares to eat the first crab. Chen Yiyi said. In recent years, the team led by him has been rushing among Chinese beer manufacturers, trying to find a experimenter, but failed

the cost of water, electricity and fuel saved by using PET environmental protection packaging is very implicit, and the theoretical data cannot convince them. It can be read from the digital display or computer, Chen Yiyi said

however, a new discovery gave Sidel hope: as early as 2003, when PET beer packaging was just budding, Tsingtao beer, a well-known Chinese beer manufacturer, carried out a special study on PET packaging, and its anti swing device taste was also recognized by the company's liquor evaluation committee, but it was shelved because of the high risk

where is the high risk? Sidel's promotion team further learned that Chinese beer manufacturers have no experience in packaging bottle production and are unwilling to bear the risk of replacing filling equipment and purchasing new machines

Sidel decided to change his mind. If the beer company is only willing to concentrate on making wine, then a special bottle making company may be more in line with the law of business operation

Chen Yiyi immediately found Taiwan far east group, which has extensive business contacts with Sidel in the Asia Pacific region, to discuss the possibility of cooperating to build a demonstration plant. Far East Group commissioned Nielsen to conduct a consumer survey in Shanghai and Fujian. Results among more than 1000 respondents, more than 80% of beer consumers said they were willing to try and buy pet packaged beer

both sides reached a consensus: Although PET beer packaging cannot occupy all the market in a short time, it is possible to replace cans in the first step. Although PET beer packaging is inferior to glass bottle packaging in terms of cost and reuse, its cost is at least 10% lower than that of Yila, which will help to develop new types of cans of packaging materials and plastic products. Liao Ruifen, executive director of China Belgium Beer, said

in 2006, zhongbi Beer Co., Ltd., a demonstration factory invested and controlled by far east group and adopting Sidel PET beer production line, started construction, and introduced the production process of Belgian Martens beer to produce malt beer. Malt beer is the first producer in Belgium to use Sidel PET beer packaging. Its PET bottled beer has helped this old brewery increase its market share by 5% in the local market. At present, Mai's beer has been sold in shopping malls and supermarkets in major cities in East China, such as Shanghai and Suzhou

the ultimate goal of zhongbi beer is not to sell beer. Liaoruifen said that what China Belgium Beer needs to do is to drive beer enterprises to buy PET beer bottles, or buy our pet ester granules to produce bottles themselves. Liao Ruifen revealed that the top ten beer manufacturers in the Chinese market have come to discuss the possibility of cooperation

however, although China Belgium as a PET beer bottle manufacturer has solved the equipment investment problem of beer manufacturers, because pet is a downstream product of oil, and the price is uncontrollable due to the impact of international oil prices, Sidel decided to produce locally to reduce equipment costs, and invested 35million euros to build an equipment factory in Beijing

if the manufacturer evaluates the beer packaging from the whole life cycle of beer production, packaging, sales to recycling, it will be found that 100% recyclable PET bottles are the most economical and environmentally friendly choice. Luke said

now, with the proprietary ACTIS bottle wall coating treatment technology of Sidel, the bad problems of poor beer bottle mouth and short shelf life of pet when it exceeds the specified test range have been solved. At the same time, the European Union has higher and higher requirements for environmental protection standards of beer packaging. Many large European Brewers have adopted Sidel's PET beer packaging production line and launched their own pet beer packaging products, including Heineken Top beer producers such as SABMiller. PET beer packaging has accounted for 3% of the global market share. In China, the market share is only 0.5%

according to insiders, Sidel and China beer have also made a special plan for Tsingtao beer, which is most interested in pet packaged beer. Tsingtao Beer provides raw materials and formulas, and the brewing and packaging are completed by China beer's own production line. The finished products are marketed under the brand of Tsingtao beer

the product has passed the internal product test and will be tested on the market soon. The person said. However, Sidel and China Belgium Beer declined to comment on the matter

Chinese beer manufacturers are watching the performance of pet packaged beer in the market. Liaoruifen analysis. Obviously, to make Chinese beer manufacturers willing to change clothes, Sidel has to look for more driving forces

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