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Plastic building formwork development has great prospects

in 2007, China's housing construction area reached 4.82 billion square meters. If the ratio of construction area to formwork area is 10:1, 482million square meters of construction formwork will be used. If all these formworks are wood formworks, 4.82 million cubic meters of wood will be consumed and 14.46 million trees with a diameter of 30 cm will be cut down. This is only housing construction. If you count all the buildings that use templates, such as bridges, wharves, dams, etc., this number will be even more amazing. Surprised by this account, he spent eight years and spent millions of yuan to develop a composite foaming plastic template with plastic waste as raw material and better comprehensive performance than wood template. This person is Jin Peijun, general manager of Beijing haozheng Xingye Industry and Trade Co., Ltd

more than ten years ago, Jin Peijun's PVC (polyvinyl chloride) plastic business was handy. At its best, he earned more than 10000 yuan a day. But the words of a real estate boss made Jin Peijun change his life trajectory. The boss asked him, "plastic products have a long life and can be used repeatedly. Can you produce plastic templates for building construction? This kind of thing must have a future." This deeply touched Jin Peijun, who was determined to develop plastic templates. Since he began to develop plastic templates, Jin Peijun has embarked on a long and thorny road. In the past eight years, he tried hard, invested a lot of money and energy, experimented again and again, changed equipment again and again, adjusted formula and process again and again... Bought materials, equipment, invited experts... Money was spent like water, but the previous generations of products were always unsatisfactory. Jin Peijun's research was not done behind closed doors, but drew on the strengths of others. Jin Peijun came to Switzerland, Japan, Germany and other countries with relatively mature plastic template technology for analysis and comparison one by one; He also found that the future growth trend of smart energy in Tsinghua University is worth looking forward to the technical support of two doctors from the Department of polymer. From the first generation of PVC template to the second generation of FRP template, from the third generation of wood plastic template to the fourth generation of polyethylene template, from the fifth generation of flame retardant polypropylene single-layer template to the sixth generation of composite polypropylene template, after many improvements, it finally completed the seventh leap in the spring of 2009 - the advent of composite foamed plastic template. This kind of formwork is made of plastic waste, with high strength, light weight and excellent quality. Nowadays, relevant technical indicators are required to be comprehensive and more targeted. This template has successfully applied for a national patent and is in a leading position in technology in China. It is completely comparable to the plastic construction template made in developed countries, which should first follow the resource-saving development path. Commander Jin Pei breathed a sigh of relief. Eight years of effort is worth it. Because after considering the turnover times and residual value, the cost of composite foamed plastic formwork is 1/6 of that of wood formwork. "From an economic point of view alone, taking various 12mm templates as an example, the price of composite foamed plastic templates is 135 yuan/square meter, wood templates are 32 yuan/square meter, and bamboo plywood is 48 yuan/square meter. Although the price of composite foamed plastic templates is the highest, it can be turned over at least 50 times, and 50% of the fatigue limit is expressed as residual value, which is allocated to buildings, and the price is at most 1.35 yuan/square meter. Wood templates of the same model can be turned over 4 times, bamboo glue The board can be turned around for 8 times, and the residual value is 0. The price of wood formwork and bamboo plywood is 8 yuan/square meter and 6 yuan/square meter respectively. After considering the turnover times and residual value, the cost of composite foamed plastic formwork is 1/6 of that of wood formwork. " Jin Peijun is like a family treasure

from the perspective of environmental benefits, if the building formwork is no longer made of wood, tens of millions of trees can be cut down every year. At the same time, 100% of the composite foaming plastic formwork uses renewable plastic as raw materials, which can recycle a large amount of plastic waste and reduce environmental pollution caused by plastic waste. If this kind of plastic formwork can be widely used in building construction, it will not only save costs for the construction unit, but also protect large forests for the earth. The problem is that many people are biased against plastic products, believing that plastic has defects in strength, toughness and fire resistance. Jin Peijun's answer is: you might as well use it

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