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Plastic bottles can be reused

at most, the return on investment of insurance capital in 2013 was 5.04%. Recently, some people said that plastic products accounted for 10.3% of the total. Materials and products are harmful to health, and even drinking directly from the mouth of the plastic bottle may cause chronic poisoning, so plastic bottles are no longer used. In urban and rural areas of China, a considerable number of families are reluctant to throw away plastic products such as Coca cola bottles and mineral water bottles, and use them to contain oil, salt, sauce, vinegar, wine, tea, soybeans, mung beans and other miscellaneous grains. When they hear that using plastic bottles will be poisoned, they dump all the things they contain, and some even pour drinks into cups

in this regard, relevant experts from the China Plastics Processing Industry Association pointed out that plastic packaging is basically high molecular compounds, with stable chemical structure. It is not as terrible as some people think, and can be reused many times

in fact, some of the above practices are caused by biases in the understanding of polymer compounds. Plastic products such as Coke bottles and mineral water bottles will deform after being filled with boiled water, but it will not affect their safe use, but the appearance will change greatly, and their internal molecular structure will not change in essence, nor will they produce toxic and harmful substances. When using a metal brush to clean a plastic bottle, even if the outside or inside of the plastic bottle is worn, it only destroys the surface finish, and will not bring about the destruction of the molecular structure. As for storing corrosive acid-base solutions with strong data processing functions, plastic materials are the safest packaging materials, but consumers should be reminded that the name of toxic and harmful solutions must be marked on the bottle and placed where children can't touch it

from the birth of plastic to today, plastic products have gone through a hundred years of history with mankind, and have made indelible contributions to social and economic progress, the level of manufacturing technology and overall strength, and the improvement of people's living standards. As for some prejudices and misunderstandings people have about plastics today, it is more due to the negative impact on society caused by some illegal manufacturers who use recycled materials or inferior raw materials to replace safe and hygienic raw materials to produce food packaging. Today, with the development of science and technology, our engineers and technicians are fully capable of ensuring the safety of plastic food packaging to human health. As long as it is a qualified product produced by regular manufacturers in accordance with technical standards, consumers can use it with confidence

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