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Plastic building materials will become the main field of plastic growth

nowadays, chemical building materials are known as the fourth generation of building materials after steel, wood and cement, and plastic building materials are the main component of chemical building materials. Plastic building materials mainly include plastic pipes, plastic doors and windows, building waterproof materials, thermal insulation materials, decoration materials, etc. plastic building materials are widely used in construction engineering, municipal engineering, industrial construction

the real estate industry and construction industry are the pillar industries of China's national economy. Although the state has continuously issued relevant macro-control policies due to the rapid rise of house prices, the attitude of the management to support the healthy development of the housing industry has not changed; With China's economy gradually entering a well-off society in an all-round way, the strong demand of residents to improve housing conditions is still strong; The construction of the metallographic microscope operating procedures Pavilion at the Beijing Olympic Games and the Shanghai WorldExpo will also stimulate the demand for the development of the construction industry. In this case, the national leading group of chemical building materials has also successively formulated and issued several opinions, outlines and methods on the production, promotion and application of chemical building materials, providing policy guarantee for the stable development of plastic building materials

China's plastic building materials products have huge market space. Take the plastic pipe market as an example. At present, the market share of plastic pipes in developed countries is 50%, while that in China is only 25%. The Ministry of construction predicts that in the next 10 years, the domestic plastic pipeline market also needs to pay attention to the following points. The demand will be as high as 800 billion yuan. 14. Test bench return: manually return to the initial position of the experiment at the highest speed

in addition to building materials, new packaging materials are another engine for the growth of the plastic market

the output of cement and chemical fertilizer in China ranks first in the world. At present, more than 30% of cement packaging uses composite woven bags; It is an inevitable trend to take plastic packaging as the main packaging material for mineral products, chemical products, synthetic resins, raw salt, sugar, cotton and wool

there are not many waste plastic recycling plants

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