The hottest plastic bottle cap separation equipmen

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Plastic bottle cap separation equipment urgently needs to be launched

bottle caps and plastic bottles cannot be recycled together to build a regular mechanism for orderly sorting. Up to now, although government departments have been advocating the knowledge of garbage classification and recycling, few ordinary citizens have this knowledge. Because of the different materials of bottle caps and plastic bottles, if they are not separated after recycling, they cannot be recycled. Therefore, waste plastic bottles must be recycled before recycling. There are also some applicable effects. The separation of plastic bottles and bottle caps requires a lot of manpower and material resources

we also analyzed how to advocate to guide people in the article, but it is estimated that it is difficult to solve this problem in the foreseeable short term. Since the customer's cost end has decreased in the end, it can't be solved. Through technical and mechanical means to improve the separation efficiency of plastic bottle caps and reduce labor costs, it is believed that the equipment with 2 design processes and working principles will be welcomed, and it is also worth the guidance of relevant departments

of course, such equipment needs to be effectively connected with the whole set of equipment such as plastic bottle crushing and cleaning to realize the full automation of recycling, which is obviously very helpful to reduce the recycling cost of plastic bottles and bottle caps

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