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Plastic bottled beer opens a new era of beer filling

February 5 - drinking bottled beer no longer requires a bottle opener, just a gentle twist with your hand. A kind of plastic bottled beer called Michaelis beer is on the shelves in major supermarkets in Shanghai. It is understood that this unbreakable beer bottle is the first mass production in China. It is not only light and convenient, but also safe and environmentally friendly. It is all produced by zhongbi Beer Co., Ltd. in Suzhou

the cap of this beer bottle is like an ordinary plastic cap, which can be drunk when unscrewed. It is also inconvenient to use a single-layer high gas barrier PET beer bottle instead of a glass sample. This kind of packaging bottle is also called coole bottle. According to the relevant person in charge of Far East Group, ordinary glass wine bottles are fragile and need to go through multiple processes such as recycling, cleaning and disinfection, which is very resource-consuming. However, coole bottles can be discarded with drinking, and can be recycled and recycled together with PET bottles now used for water, beverage and other packaging. The weight is only 10% of ordinary glass bottles. It is not only convenient to open, energy-saving and environmental protection, but also safer

compared with PET bottles commonly seen in the market at present, the biggest difference between cool bottle and cool bottle is that it is not a pet nylon PET technology in the traditional sense, but a PET bottle after special treatment, that is, there is a layer of polymer nano coating on the inner side of the bottle, which has the characteristics of high gas resistance, UV resistance and so on, and maximizes the freshness and quality of beer

unscrew the bottle cap and look carefully. 2. According to the operating procedures of the electronic tensile testing machine, it can be found that the bottle cap of the cool bottle is different from ordinary drinks, and it is easy to residual internal stress in the extruded layer tissue. Its inner side is covered with a layer of white circular plastic. This piece of plastic is slightly smaller than the bottle cap and protrudes around. Although it looks very inconspicuous, it is this small thing that plays an important role in the process of improving the added value of rare earth products. It locks the bottle cap firmly on the mouth of the bottle and prevents any air from entering the bottle. If you can't finish drinking a bottle of beer at one time, you can screw on the bottle cap and put it in the refrigerator. When you drink it out of the table next time, you can still pour out rich foam. It is reported that this plastic bottle cap is specially designed by Americans for packaging beer, and there is also a technical patent

as early as 2004, Belgium's malt brewery began to pack its malt beer in plastic bottles. At present, Michaelis brewery produces 300million bottles of beer packed in plastic bottles every year, which is the company that currently uses the most pet bottle packaging among European brewers. In 2007, Taiwan Far East Group invested US $100million to establish zhongbi beer company in Suzhou, introduced high-tech brewing and manufacturing technology and complete sets of advanced patented equipment from Belgium and the Netherlands, and began production in September 2008, with an annual output of about 180000 tons

on October 18 last year, the first batch of Mai's beer was officially listed in Shanghai. Up to now, Mai's beer has been listed in more than 100 stores. In February and March this year, Michaelis beer will be on the market in Suzhou

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