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What is the solution to the common tension problems in gravure printing

the operation of the tension control system is directly related to the quality of gravure printing products. Once the tension is abnormal, it will affect the yield and cause a certain waste of materials. This paper summarizes several common tension problems and their solutions in gravure printing production, and is willing to share and exchange with insiders

question 1: how to establish a stable initial tension more easily

1. phenomenon

in the actual gravure production, the diameter and width of the roll of different printing substrates will be different. When the roll with smaller diameter is installed in the unwinding unit, the gravure press can steadily establish the initial tension of the whole machine. However, if the roll with larger diameter is replaced, the swing roll of the gravure press will vibrate frequently and cannot stabilize for a long time, and the roll will be deformed in serious cases, Even the material coil is broken

this situation will not only cause serious waste of materials, but also increase the workload of operators and bring many unnecessary troubles to printing enterprises

2. analyze that the change of

coil diameter will cause the change of its inertia, but before the gravure press establishes the initial tension of the whole machine, the position of the swing roll does not change, that is, the tension deviation collected by the tension controller does not change, and accordingly, the output of the tension controller does not change

however, for rolls with different diameters, the motor has the same angular speed, so the larger the diameter, the faster the surface linear speed, and the faster the speed, the harder it is to control the motor. Therefore, for rolls with different diameters, it is difficult for gravure printing machines to establish stable initial tension

3. solution

for coils with different diameters, different proportional units and integral units are set for the PID controller, so that when the initial tension is established for coils with different diameters, the surface linear speed has little difference

specifically: for the coil with small diameter, set a larger proportional unit and integral unit, which will not affect the running speed of the motor when establishing the initial tension, but also establish a stable initial tension; For the coil with larger diameter, set smaller proportional unit and integral unit to slow down the running speed of the motor, so as to establish a stable initial tension

question 2: how to achieve a smooth transition of tension during automatic roll change and cutting

automatic coil changing and cutting, that is, under the action of the tension controller, the duplex position axis can realize the automatic switching between the new and old coils

the specific process is as follows: first, press the preparatory material receiving button, the rotary frame of the gravure press will rotate counterclockwise, and the new material roll will be controlled to park at the predetermined position through the detection device, meanwhile "The ideal processing method depends on the type of graphene you are using and the standard processing parameter potentiometer of the polymer to detect the approximate diameter of the new material roll, and drive the new material roll to rotate at a certain surface linear speed, making it basically equivalent to the surface linear speed of the old material roll; secondly, press the material receiving button, and the cutting device will complete the pasting and automatic cutting of the old and new material rolls through corresponding actions; finally, the old material roll will be reduced from the current speed to Zero speed, complete cutting

automatic roll changing and cutting can not only improve work efficiency, but also reduce the workload and work intensity of operators

1. phenomenon

the automatic roll change and cutting process is carried out during the high-speed operation of the gravure press. Therefore, there are many influencing factors in the automatic connection and replacement of new and old rolls, which is easy to cause abnormal vibration of the swing roll, and the smooth transition of tension between the old roll and the new roll cannot be realized. Once this kind of problem occurs, it will take a long time to adjust before it can return to normal, resulting in the double of material and time. China has invested a lot in the field of lithium-ion batteries

the gap of its separation surface should not exceed the rules in the following table. 2. analysis

in the process of automatic roll changing and cutting, the smooth transition of tension between the new roll and the old roll can only be realized under the same surface linear speed, which requires the potentiometer to accurately detect the diameter of the new roll, so as to ensure that the surface linear speed of the new roll and the old roll is as same as possible, providing a prerequisite for the realization of automatic cutting

of course, it is only an ideal situation that the surface linear speed of the new and old reels is completely the same. In fact, there is still a certain speed difference between the two. Generally, when the automatic roll change and cutting are completed, the tension of the new reels will still change slightly, but it will not affect the quality of the final product

3. solution

in order to accurately detect the straightness of the new roll to avoid scratching the objective diameter, the potentiometer can be replaced with an encoder with higher accuracy. After the roll change, the roll status changes to some extent, which will bring some interference to its diameter detection, so the roll should be stabilized before detection. The proportional unit and integral unit of the material coil shall be more detailed. When the diameter of the material coil changes, the adjustment amount of the tension controller also changes accordingly, so as to reduce the tension fluctuation

constant tension control is the guarantee of product quality. When there is a problem in tension control, as long as you carefully observe and carefully analyze it, you can find the corresponding solution

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