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What are the test items for paper

what are the test items for paper? As the most commonly used material for packaging and printing, the physical properties of paper will have a direct or indirect impact on the printing quality. Correctly understanding and mastering the nature of paper and using paper reasonably according to the characteristics of products will play a positive role in promoting the printing quality of products

1. quantitative:

refers to the weight per unit area of paper, expressed in g/㎡, that is, the gram weight of 1 square meter of face paper. The quantity of paper determines the physical properties of paper

2. thickness:

is the thickness of the paper. The unit of measurement is usually expressed in M or mm. Thickness is closely related to quantity and tightness

3. tightness:

refers to the weight of paper per cubic centimeter, expressed in g/C ㎡

4. hardness:

refers to the resistance of paper to another object, and it is also the coarse and hard performance of paper fiber tissue

5. smoothness:

refers to the degree of unevenness on the paper surface, expressed in seconds, which can be measured

6. dust degree:

refers to the impurity spots on the paper surface, and the color is obviously different from the paper color

7. sizing degree:

usually the paper surface of writing paper, coating paper and packaging paper forms a protective layer with water resistance through sizing

8. ink absorption:

refers to the ability of the paper to absorb ink. The paper with good smoothness and sizing degree has weak ink absorption, slow drying of ink layer, and is easy to stick dirty prints. On the contrary, the ink absorption is strong, and the printed matter is easy to dry

9. vertical and horizontal direction:

refers to the arrangement direction of paper fiber tissue

10. expansion ratio:

refers to the size variation of paper after moisture absorption or loss

11. air permeability:

generally speaking, the thinner the paper is and the lower the tightness is, the greater the air permeability is. The paper with high air permeability is prone to double suction during printing

12. Whiteness:

refers to the brightness of the paper. If all the light reflected from the paper is visible to the naked eye, it is white

13. front and back sides:

the glossiness of the front and back sides of paper is different. There are usually two reference conditions: ① standard reference conditions; ② The experimental reference conditions directly affect the ink absorption performance and the printing quality of the product

what are the test items for paper? To sum up, correctly understanding and identifying the main physical properties of the paper and its impact on printing can effectively reduce or avoid the chance of printing failure according to the nature and characteristics of the paper, so as to ensure the production efficiency and product printing quality. Haida can only determine the total force instrument required to destroy the test sample, specializing in the production of carton compression machine, rupture strength tester, inclined impact tester, vibrating table, drop tester Whiteness meter and other packaging equipment, welcome to inquire

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