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What are the solutions for fingerprint lock failure

fingerprint lock, as a fashionable intelligent product, is both convenient and safe, but it has been used for a long time or improperly operated. It is also a product of some foreign manufacturers. It is normal that some small failures will inevitably occur. Then, what should be done when the fingerprint lock fails? Sorted out some solutions to the problems of fingerprint lock out, lifting the pendulum and hitting it empty

solutions to fingerprint lock failure

I. LCD screen does not display or display error:


1. Check the power supply and the connection of each part

2. Contact the manufacturer's technical personnel

II. You can't log in and unlock by pressing the fingerprint.


1. Please log in to another finger fingerprint. Choose fingers with good quality (less wrinkles, no peeling, clear fingerprints)

2. Only when the fingers touch the acquisition instrument as much as possible can the enterprise really come out of the dilemma. The area is larger and the fingers are pressed flat as much as possible

3. If your fingers are too dry to be detected by the scanner, you can wipe your forehead with your fingers first

4. Clean the fingerprint acquisition window

5. Login by password

the solutions to fingerprint lock failures are described above. Of course, in order to ensure that the fingerprint password lock in the home has a longer service life and more stable performance, it is recommended to strictly follow the use requirements of the fingerprint lock to avoid some faults that affect its use

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