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What are the secrets of the gear box of "Fuxing" high-speed rail? Abstract: Recently, the latest high-speed rail China standard EMU "Fuxing" officially began to carry passengers. Its continuous running speed reaches 350km/h, and its overall technology is in the leading position in the world. What many people do not know is that Chongqing Kairui vehicle transmission manufacturing Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of China automotive research, is one of the R & D and manufacturing units of cw350 (d) gearbox, an independent key component of "Fuxing"

recently, the latest high-speed rail China standard EMU "Fuxing" officially began to carry passengers. Its continuous running speed reaches 350km/h, and its overall technology is in the leading position in the world. What many people don't know is that Chongqing Carrey vehicle transmission manufacturing Co., Ltd. is one of the R & D and manufacturing units of cw350 (d) gearbox, the independent key core component of "Fuxing" under the sharing of the contents about the hydraulic test machine at the top of China Automobile Research banner

just as the transmission is to the automobile, cw350 (d) gearbox is one of the most critical core components of "Fuxing". Since the first 350km standard EMU unified launch meeting held by the president of China Railway in early 2014, and the global public recruitment of parts suppliers, 8 top gear transmission suppliers in the rail transit industry at home and abroad, including Kerry transmission, have been involved in the fierce R & D competition. Finally, Kerry drive took the lead in successful research and development and passed the loading assessment. In January 2017, it completed the CRCC product certification of China railway inspection and Certification Center

according to the characteristics of China, R & D has been completed in two years.

Rome was not built in a day. Since the research and development started in february2014, Kerry drive has been able to connect an external microcomputer to control the experimental process and store and print data. In just two years, it has completed the research and development and verification of cw350 (d) gearbox, and has taken the lead in realizing the complete vehicle supply. This is behind the technical accumulation and hard work of nearly 20 years

Kerry drive is unknown to the general public, but it has long been a little famous in the professional field. The company has been involved in the field of rail transit since the end of last century. It is a professional high-tech enterprise integrating research, development and production of key parts of rail transit vehicle bogie. Its products cover the transmission, foundation braking, coupling and key parts of rail vehicles of various systems such as urban rail and high-speed rail, and its technology is at the advanced level in the industry. Relevant products have been widely used in Chongqing Monorail Line 2 and 3, Changchun, Shenyang, Chengdu, Ethiopia and other domestic and international projects

previously, almost all the gear boxes of multiple unit trains with a length of more than 350 km were monopolized by foreign companies. Although the high-speed rail technology has been verified in Europe, Japan and other countries and regions, it has repeatedly encountered "acclimatization" in the face of China's complex high-speed rail operation and environmental climate. This is an opportunity for local enterprises. As long as the adaptability and reliability of the gear boxes of high-speed trains are solved, Carey transmission can win in the competition

adopt innovative design to solve industrial problems

it is understood that the requirements for gearbox lubrication, impact resistance, sealing, cooling, etc. will be qualitatively different for each grade of train speed increase from 150km/h to 250km/h and then to 350km/h. Taking the aluminum alloy case of cw350 (d) gear box as an example, it is necessary to further improve the compactness and stress distribution uniformity of the internal tissues of the two hook heteropterous beetle, the long bark beetle (non Chinese species), the double spine long bark beetle (non Chinese species) and the wood bark beetle (non Chinese species). Otherwise, vibration and fatigue cracks are prone to occur under high-speed driving. This is also a very difficult problem for top international enterprises. The R & D team of Kerry transmission has conducted numerous explorations, screening and process route optimization. Finally, 15 key designs have been innovatively integrated to produce high-strength, impact resistant and low-temperature resistant aluminum alloy boxes that meet the requirements of China's high-speed rail operation environment

in terms of gears, Carrey transmission has also found out the domestic exclusive material, design and quality control scheme for customers through a large number of simulation tests, ensuring the stable and reliable operation of the gearbox under various high-speed rail operating conditions and environments

in view of the poor sealing of the gear box of high-speed trains in the past, Carey transmission adopted the non-contact labyrinth sealing system design of "three cavities, five layers and five channels" with independent intellectual property rights, which effectively solved the industrial problems such as lubricating oil leakage, leakage and ice snow rain emulsification

through this series of innovative measures, Kerry drive took the lead in manufacturing 8 cw350 (d) prototypes and delivering them to long-distance customers in may2015, and passed the subsequent rigorous assessment of 600000 km. Finally, it won the order and began mass supply

through the R & D and manufacturing of "Fuxing" gear box, Carrey transmission has obtained six patents, comprehensively and systematically mastered the key technologies of high-speed rail gear box, built its own R & D system, and formed its core competitiveness. However, Carrey transmission has not stopped, and has invested in the R & D reserves of higher speed gear boxes. In the future, more "made in Chongqing" will be seen in high-speed rail projects in China and around the world

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