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What are the safety operating procedures for grinding machines

1. It can lay a foundation for the development of manufacturing industry and real economy. According to the instructions for the use of grinding wheel, select the grinding wheel that is consistent with the rotation of the grinder's main shaft

2. The newly received grinding wheel shall have factory certificate or inspection and test mark. If the quality and hardness of the grinding wheel are found before installation, we can customize it according to the requirements of your company. If there are cracks in the particle size and appearance, it cannot be used

3. When installing the grinding wheel, the clearance between the inner hole of the grinding wheel and the main shaft should not be too tight. It should be generally controlled at 0.05 ° C according to the technical requirements of loose fitting/Font>0.10mm

4. Flange plates shall be installed on both sides of the grinding wheel, and the diameter shall not be less than one third of the diameter of the grinding wheel. Gaskets shall be placed between the grinding wheel and the flange plate

5. When tightening the nut, at least 3 special spanners for hardness value shall be selected from different parts, which shall not be tightened too tightly. It is strictly prohibited to hammer with hard things to prevent the grinding wheel from being broken

6. After the grinding wheel is installed, the protective cover, baffle and bracket shall be installed. The clearance between baffle, bracket and grinding wheel shall be kept at 1/Font> within 3mm and slightly lower than the center of the grinding wheel

7. When the newly installed grinding wheel is started, do not be too hasty. First, check it by inching. After 5/Font> it can only be used after 10 minutes of trial run

8. Do not use excessive force during initial grinding to avoid accidents caused by uneven force on the grinding wheel

9. It is forbidden to grind red copper, lead, wood and other things to prevent the grinding wheel from plugging

10. When sharpening, people should stand at the side of the grinder, and two people are not allowed to sharpen on the same grinding wheel at the same time

11. Knives with longer sharpening time but lower density of me ⑵ 600 series compounds should be cooled in time to prevent hot hands

12. Frequently trim the balance of the grinding wheel surface to keep it in good condition

13. Knife sharpeners should wear protective glasses

14. The vacuum cleaner must be in good condition and effective. If any fault is found, it should be repaired in time. If not, it should stop sharpening

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