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What are the 12 safety technical measures of the domestic invention patents for the earthwork excavation and backfilling of foundation pit (groove)

(1) during foundation pit (groove) excavation, the operation distance between two people shall be greater than 2.5m. For multiple mechanical excavation, the advanced high-performance materials and technologies between excavators will be used in the latest solar powered carbon fiber vehicle developed by Kogakuin University, and the upper distance shall be greater than 10m. No other operation is allowed within the working range of the excavator. The excavation shall be carried out from top to bottom and layer by layer. It is strictly prohibited to excavate the slope toe first or excavate against the slope

(2) earthwork excavation shall not be carried out under dangerous rocks and boulders or close to dangerous buildings without reinforcement. During construction, the ground water shall be prevented from flowing into the pit and ditch to avoid slope collapse

(3) it is forbidden to exceed the pile load around the foundation pit. When stacking spoil, materials and mobile construction machinery at the pit edge, a certain distance shall be kept from the pit edge. When the soil is good, it shall be 1m away from the pit edge, and the stacking height shall not exceed 1.5m

(4) the excavation of foundation pit (groove) shall be conducted in strict accordance with the requirements. During construction, pay attention to the change of soil wall at any time. If cracks or partial collapse are found, reinforce and support or slope in time, and pay close attention to the stability of support and the change of soil wall. When non sloping excavation is adopted, the temporary support angle shall be set with firm and non cracking support. Various supports shall be calculated and determined according to the soil quality and the depth of the foundation pit

(5) when mechanical multi bench excavation is adopted, the stability of the slope shall be checked and calculated, and the excavator shall keep a certain safe distance from the slope to prevent collapse and overturning accident

not yet mined (6) when mechanical excavation is used in the supported foundation pit (groove), the support shall be prevented from being damaged. When mechanical excavation is used at the pit edge, the strength of the support shall be calculated, and the support shall be strengthened if necessary

(7) after excavation to the elevation of the pit bottom, the pit bottom shall be fully closed in time and the foundation engineering construction shall be carried out

(8) when backfilling the foundation pit (groove) and pipe trench, no one shall be under it. The electric circuit of the rammer used shall be checked to prevent electric leakage and electric shock. The power supply shall be cut off when the machine is stopped

(9) when removing the retaining wall support, it shall be removed gradually from bottom to top according to the backfilling sequence. When replacing the retaining wall support, the new one must be installed first, and then the old one must be removed

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