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What are the ways to produce the focus position error in laser cutting

in the process of laser cutting, there are many factors that cause the relative position between the focus and the surface of the machined object to change. The uneven surface of the machined workpiece, the clamping mode of the workpiece, the geometric error of the machine tool, the deformation of the machine tool under the load force, and the thermal deformation of the workpiece during the processing will cause the deviation between the laser focus position and the ideal given position (programming position)

some errors (such as geometric errors of machine tools) are regular and can be compensated by quantitative compensation method, but some errors are random errors that can only be eliminated by detection and control. These errors are:

1 Workpiece geometric error

the object of laser cutting is a plate or panel type part. Due to the influence of various reasons, the surface of the processed object has ups and downs, and the influence of thermal effect in the cutting process is particularly suitable for measuring the impact resistance of metal materials at extremely low temperature will also produce the surface deformation of sheet parts. For 1D laser processing, the panel will also have uneven surface during the pressing process, All these will cause random changes between the laser focus and the position and ideal position of the machined object surface. Friction force

2 Error generated by workpiece clamping device

the workpiece processed by laser cutting is placed on the needle like workbench. Due to processing error, long-time wear between the workpiece and laser burn, the needle bed will appear uneven, which will also produce random error between the thin steel plate and the laser focus

3. Programming error

in the 1-D laser cutting process, the machining path on the complex surface is fitted through straight lines, arcs, etc. there are certain errors between these fitting curves and the actual curves. These errors make the relative position of the actual focus and the surface of the machining object and the ideal programming may cause certain errors in the short circuit position of the circuit board. Some teaching programming systems also introduce some deviations

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