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What are the safety measures for the coating process?

during the coating operation, the construction methods such as manual brush coating, roller coating, air spraying, high-pressure air spraying, dip coating, flow coating, electrostatic spraying, powder electrostatic spraying and electrophoretic coating can be used. In order to ensure construction safety, the following points must be done well in terms of protective measures:

1) refer to the above contents for prevention and control of fire, explosion and poison in the coating process. During painting, the painting operation area shall be delimited and ventilation devices shall be set

2) generally, the dip coating, flow coating and roll coating operation lines shall be provided with partition protection facilities, and the design and operation of the lines shall ensure safe operation. Fire alarm devices and automatic fire extinguishers should be installed in workplaces; A collecting device shall be set at the place where the paint drops from the workpiece, and local ventilation shall be strengthened. The paint dipping tank shall be equipped with a tank cover made of non combustible body. When it is not working, the tank cover shall be tightly covered. Large dipping tank and flow coating device shall be equipped with wire change tester of Jinan experimental machine factory outdoors to measure the ability of metal wire to withstand plastic deformation in one-way or two-way change and to display the surface and internal defects of the wire underground storage tank. When not working, put the paint solution into the storage tank; In case of fire, the paint solution shall also be quickly discharged into the storage tank

3) except for extra large workpieces, air spraying and high-pressure airless spraying shall be carried out in the paint booth. Non combustible partition walls should be used to separate the workplaces with multiple paint spraying rooms from other adjacent non painting workplaces

4) the pressurized cylinder, components, pipelines, valves, etc. in the high-pressure airless spraying device shall be subject to hydraulic test and air tightness test according to the provisions of high-pressure pipe fittings. In addition to the matching high-pressure hose passing the above tests, when the pipeline is arranged, its minimum radius of curvature should not be less than 2 times of the diameter of the hose for prestressed concrete steel wire gb/t 5223 ⑵ 002.5

5) the spray gun for high-pressure airless spraying shall be equipped with an automatic safety device, and the spray gun can be self-locking during the spraying gap. The spraying machine shall be equipped with the highest air inlet pressure and pressure limiting safety device, and shall be equipped with safety alarm device and grounding device in case of overpressure. In any case, the nozzle of the pressurized airless spraying device shall not be aligned with the human body, power supply and heat source, nor shall the pressure be tested by hand. If the oil-water separator of the spraying machine is damaged or has poor reliability, the whole machine shall be stopped

6) during electrostatic spraying, the power socket of the high-voltage electrostatic generator is a special structure, and the grounding terminal in the socket is connected with the special ground wire, and zero wire is not used for grounding. The connection end of high-voltage output and high-voltage cable shall be provided with current limiting safety device. The electrostatic generator shall be equipped with a control and protection system, which can automatically cut off the power supply in case of fault or overload of the working system. Once the painting operation is stopped, the high-voltage power supply shall be cut off immediately and the grounding discharge shall be conducted

7) during electrostatic spraying, a safe distance must be kept between the coated workpiece and the electrode, electrostatic atomizer and other conductors, at least twice the maximum spark discharge distance under this voltage. All objects in the coating room must be well grounded. In particular, the grounding of the coating that can only confirm the total amount of wear on each friction surface by indirect measurement is a necessary condition. During production, the grounding resistance value shall be regularly detected and the accumulated paint on the spreader shall be regularly cleaned. Personnel without conductive shoes are not allowed to enter the paint spraying area, and it is strictly prohibited to contact the operators who are working. Manual electrostatic spraying equipment shall be used. The operator shall open a hole with bare hands or gloves to make his hands directly contact the metal part of the gun handle. Hold the contact handle tightly in the normal operation position. The operator shall wear anti-static work clothes, and shall not wear underwear made of silk, synthetic fiber and other materials that are easy to generate and accumulate static charges

8) powder electrostatic spraying shall be carried out in the paint booth made of non combustible materials with smooth inner wall and no concave convex edges. The operator shall operate outdoors. The maximum concentration of dust in the exhaust duct at the outlet of the powder spraying room shall not exceed 50% of its lower explosive limit concentration, generally not more than 15 ‖ M.. The metal frame and workpiece of the powder spraying room shall be reliably grounded, and fire alarm device and automatic fire extinguisher shall be installed. The alarm device shall be interlocked with closing compressed air, cutting off power, starting automatic fire extinguishing device and stopping workpiece conveying. Both the powder spraying room and the powder recovery device shall be equipped with pressure relief devices. The high voltage electrostatic generator is equipped with an automatic control system with constant field strength powder spraying. Under the adjusted process conditions, the distance between the spray gun and the workpiece has successfully entered the market in the United States, Europe, Southeast Asia and other places within the allowable range, and its current does not exceed 10% of the set value. After the supporting setting, when the voltage is adjusted to the maximum value, there shall be no spark in the short circuit to the ground

9) electrical equipment shall be strictly checked before electrophoretic coating, and necessary protective articles must be worn during operation. If the tank is used as cathode for electrophoretic coating, a certain distance shall be kept between the workpiece and the tank wall. If the anode grounding mode is adopted, the piping outside the tank shall be provided with insulation measures to avoid the passage of current. The electrophoresis tank shall be equipped with partition facilities and ventilation and exhaust devices, and shall be equipped with safety or protection interlocking devices to prevent electric shock accidents. The electrophoretic coating system shall be separately set in the enclosure, and the operation and maintenance shall be undertaken by a specially assigned person. The wastewater to be discharged from electrophoretic coating shall be purified to meet the specified standards

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