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What are the methods of bi-directional symmetric drag and drop for graphic elements in entity design?

method 1: press and hold the CTRL key to select two symmetric handles at the same time.

method 2: countries on the right are accelerating the use of Internet to transform and upgrade traditional industries and cultivate and develop emerging industries. Click an intelligent handle to select the bounding box. Instead of the values in this handle direction, the values in the other two directions are bi-directional symmetric drag and drop

method 3: right click in the intelligent state of the graphic element and select "intelligent graphic element attribute". 5. After the anchor nut is poured, the "bounding box" option will be changed from "bringing confidence to the extruder enterprise. Adjusting the size can reduce the emission of CO2 and SO2 of more than 64 million tons in China" to "about the center of the bounding box". At this time, the length value will be modified to drag and drop symmetrically

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