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What are the safety operation procedures for steel bar bending machine

I. for mechanical installation, attention must be paid to the safe grounding of the machine body. The power supply is not allowed to be directly connected to the button. An iron shell switch control power supply should be installed

II. Before use, check whether the machine parts are complete and whether the selected moving gear is consistent with the machine speed of the diameter of the bent reinforcement. Whether the meshing clearance of the cone is appropriate. Whether the fixed iron wedge is tight and firm. And check whether the rotation direction of the rotary table is consistent with the direction of the reverse switch, which is a unique mechanical action. Add lubricating grease as required. Check the insulation grounding wire of electrical equipment for damage and looseness. After the test run, it can be operated only after it is deemed as qualified

III. during operation, one end of the reinforcement to be bent shall be firmly installed in the gap of the fixed head of the rotary table, and the other end shall be close to the fixed head of the machine body and pressed with one hand. The machine can be started only after the head of the machine body is indeed installed on the side of the retaining reinforcement

IV. replace the fixed head on the rotary table after the operation stops

V. It is strictly prohibited to bend the reinforcement exceeding the specified diameter of the mechanical nameplate and the hook used for hoisting rigging. If the steel bar without cold drawing or with rust skin is bent, protective glasses must be worn. When bending non ordinary reinforcement such as low alloy steel, the maximum restricted diameter shall be converted according to the provisions of the mechanical nameplate

VI. are the testing machines the same? Investigate and deal with the cause of the fault? The installation of variable speed gear shall be in accordance with the following provisions:

1. Ordinary reinforcement with a diameter of less than 18mm can be installed with fast gear

2. Medium speed gear can be used when the diameter is 18 ~ 24mm

3. Slow gear must be used when the diameter is more than 25mm

VII. When the rotary table is reversed, it must be reversed after the previous steering stops. When the switch is toggled, you must wait for the stop at the middle stop gear, and do not immediately turn the reverse gear. In case of chuck vibration and motor heating exceeding the nameplate requirements during operation, the power shall be cut off immediately for maintenance

VIII. Bending 4. It is impossible to stand within the rotation radius of the sample reinforcement and the fuselage without a fixed head. The bent semi-finished products shall be stacked neatly, and the hook shall not be upturned generally

IX. when bending long steel bars, there shall be a specially assigned person to help the steel bars. The helpers shall move forward and backward according to the operator's command gestures, and shall not push them arbitrarily

X. the workplace and the machine body shall be cleaned after the work is completed. The rust in the joint pit shall be blown off with a manual blower (leather tiger). It is forbidden to dig with your fingers

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