I only take yellow if I want to brighten the space

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Using yellow to decorate the space is not only lively but also brightly colored. That touch of yellow will also exude a sense of vitality

decorate the space with yellow

not only lively but also brightly colored

that touch of yellow will also exude a sense of vitality

living room article

in the modern simple and atmospheric home, add appropriate dazzling yellow, and suddenly become the focus of the living room, and the light and hopeful colors instantly come to mind

in a simple and clean piece of white, yellow is the finishing touch in the space. The color proportion between white and yellow will not be unbalanced, but rather very elegant

yellow color will not be widely used in the space, but can form a foil with curtains, sofas and cabinets to better enhance the fresh taste

the overall style is simple and atmospheric, adding a touch of bright yellow, instantly full of vitality

the living atmosphere of the living room is not reflected by chandeliers or tea tables, but by yellow sofas and pillows, which make the space full of freshness and relaxation

restaurant chapter

yellow breaks the tranquility and nature of gray and white. The design of the card seat makes the space more romantic and creates a comfortable and practical leisure dining area

the combination of yellow and white can alleviate visual fatigue and create a warm dining environment. The overall embedded wall design forms a storage wall, which fills the needs of storage

study article

when reading fatigue, a touch of yellow can activate your thinking and virtually improve work efficiency

the study is a place for study and work, which should give people a quiet feeling, so soft but not messy colors are used to make the whole space full of rational atmosphere


compared with the use of large areas, the Yellow embellishment of small areas can better reflect the charm. Simple European color matching makes the room unique

yellow is bright, jumping and lively in color, which is very consistent with children's age and mental maturity. Add more storage space into the space to make the whole look orderly

such a twin room design enhances the feelings between children and saves practical space at the same time. The stairs also increase the storage design, and no matter how many children's sundries are not afraid

after reading, do you think yellow home can be so beautiful

yellow is pleasant and relaxing

let you immerse in the soft warmth of yellow space

enter a good time every day




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