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Southeast Asia's home decoration style advocates nature and uses wood, rattan, bamboo, etc.

Southeast Asia's decoration style is already very popular. The release of "if you are the one 2" has made this upsurge even hotter. The Sanya bird's nest in the film blends with the dense forest, with an elegant environment, simple and quiet, which is desirable. According to some designers, the reason why Southeast Asian style is so popular is that it advocates nature, original flavor, pays attention to handicrafts and refuses to be homogeneous, which is in line with the current concept of people's pursuit of health, environmental protection and personalized life. Introverted comfort and low-key luxury are the essence of this style

decoration Essentials: natural and plain

different from other decoration styles, Southeast Asian style has a very distinct sense of natural and primitive return. When you walk into a Southeast Asian style house, you will feel relaxed, implicit, charming and mysterious, of course, there is peace and passion

● features: sharp contrast between dark and light colors

Southeast Asian style home design will bring people a warm and unrestrained feeling, which is mainly reflected through the bold use of indoor color. Its collocation principle is very simple. Dark furniture is matched with brightly colored decorations, highlighting its calm and atmospheric characteristics. For example, a set of log sofa with smooth lines, coupled with gold or dark red cushions, can create this feeling of passion. The highlight of home decoration in Southeast Asia is the colorful soft decoration accessories. This style of home decoration design is a delicate design that pays great attention to details. The details can reveal the deep origin of regional customs

experts teach the way: start with furniture and soft decoration

colorful gauze curtain is necessary for soft decoration in Southeast Asia.

Southeast Asian style decoration advocates natural comfort, and the selected furniture and accessories should have distinctive cultural characteristics. So which furniture and accessories are suitable for creating this home style

● furniture selection: use more rattan wood materials with strong natural flavor

wood furniture with white cotton and hemp, fresh and harmonious

to create a Southeast Asian style, indoor large pieces of focused furniture is the key. Furniture with Southeast Asian style is mostly made of local materials, and exudes strong natural primitive beauty, plain, giving people a cool and comfortable feeling. They may be made of logs, such as teak; Or it is made of two or more different materials, such as the combination of rattan and wood, the combination of rattan and bamboo, etc. the width, width, depth and shallowness of the materials form an interesting contrast, and the mixed use of various weaving techniques can turn furniture into a handicraft

from the market situation, in addition to teak and rattan, seaweed, coconut shell, shell, bark, sand rock and other materials can be made into furniture, lamps and accessories, so that the room exudes the breath of nature. In terms of color, Southeast Asian style furniture with Chinese style is mainly dark, such as dark brown, earthy yellow, black, etc., which makes people feel calm and atmospheric

rattan furniture, coupled with white cushions and pillows, is simple and natural

● soft decoration choice: use bright and rich exotic jewelry more

in addition to furniture, the soft decoration and accessories of the room can also highlight the rich Southeast Asian style. Southeast Asian home accessories are famous for their bright colors and rich exotic customs, and often oneortwo pieces can "characterize" the space. Stone statues, ceramic ornaments, wooden vessels and other handicrafts with national characteristics can well render the indoor atmosphere

Indonesian wood carvings and Thai tin wares can be used as decorations for key spaces. Even if they are displayed at will, they can add a bit of mystery; A gorgeous and soft veil and several charming Thai cushions are indispensable props to achieve the style of Southeast Asia




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