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On March 29, the 2017 Guangdong CIO annual meeting and the Summit Forum on the in-depth integration of industrialization and industrialization were held in Guangzhou. When looking forward to the development of the customization industry, Peng Jinxiong said that big data and informatization provide good opportunities for the transformation and upgrading of enterprises. Only by continuously improving and innovating to meet the needs of consumers can enterprises take the lead in the customization trend. Information technology has become the core competitiveness of wardrobe, and the whole house customized furniture brand Deville

as one of the most influential professional forums in the field of informatization in China's manufacturing industry, this forum focused on "the deep integration of industrialization and industrialization and intelligent manufacturing", and invited many industry opinion leaders and Jiabin, including Peng Jinxiong, director, deputy general manager and technical director of Shangpin home furnishing, to give keynote speeches to elaborate and analyze the current situation and future development trend of China's manufacturing industry, It has attracted many informatization experts and enterprise representatives to participate together

informatization production has become the core competitiveness of wardrobe enterprises

in recent years, many wardrobe enterprises not only realize the innovation of business model through industry 4.0, but also keep the company's production business growing at a high speed. The strength of informatization and intelligent customization has attracted widespread attention in the industry. At this forum, Peng Jinxiong delivered a keynote speech on "how to use big data to achieve personalized customization", revealing the mystery of customized enterprise informatization to on-site guests. From the front-end design, production and manufacturing to the end logistics distribution, using the principle of big data and information-based means to optimize the whole process can not only solve the problem that it is difficult to mass produce customized furniture, but also maintain high efficiency in the production and manufacturing process. Informatization production has become the core competitive advantage of wardrobe enterprises

thousands of designers provide tens of thousands of whole house design solutions to consumers every day. So how to ensure design efficiency and high quality? To this end, some wardrobe enterprises have used big data to create a "house type library, product library, and solution library" to build a "cloud design" factory, which has achieved a great liberation in design. By inputting the consumer's room type, you can find the matching room type in the massive database, and then automatically match the high-quality design scheme from the system according to the user portrait drawn by age, gender, home preferences and other factors. And advocate the idea of making consumers become home scheme designers. The design scheme will be adjusted according to the needs of consumers, and high-quality home solutions can be formed

production and information technology are closely combined. Reform and innovation technology

the author believes that in production management, wardrobe enterprises can achieve intelligent production by boldly innovating and innovating technology and closely combining production technology with information technology. The factory has achieved 100% customized production of hundreds of thousands of plates every day. The whole process of plates from entering the plate warehouse to processing and packaging and then to delivery can be shortened as soon as possible, and the efficiency is very high

all order production in the factory can also be tracked and counted in real time. In the past, this kind of order tracking required manual statistics for several hours to complete. After the informatization of production process, the statistics became the statistics of information flow, which can be completed in only 1 millisecond. This qualitative leap enables managers to know production like the palm of their hand. In addition, through the production management system, Shangpin home distribution combines the accuracy of the machine with the flexibility of people's hands, and plays a set of combined punches to maximize production efficiency. At the same time, it also realizes the major transformation from people commanding the machine to machines commanding the machine through automation

nowadays, big data is becoming a magnifying glass for the needs of users. Through the research and accumulation of design library schemes, wardrobe enterprises can find the common problems that consumers are most concerned about from the schemes, and then make a series of products through product research and development. Customization mode is consumer demand-oriented, which determines that insight into the market and demand is placed in a very important position

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