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Do you always feel that there is not enough space at home, and the house is small for use? In order to save everyone's disordered home, Weifang Marge today gave everyone a popular science to see where the home is suitable for storage. Let's have a look ~

do you always think that the home space is not enough, and the house is small for use? No, no, no, in fact, you haven't learned to give full play to the available space in your home. In order to save everyone's disordered home, Weifang Marge will give you a popular science today. Let's have a look ~

wall storage

wall storage make good use of corners, partitions, middle walls and other areas. You can create an embedded storage wall and embed the storage space into the wall, Maximize the visual space of the living room, which does not occupy space, but also has more storage places

wall storage can also have non embedded, directly exposed bookshelves and partitions, which are also excellent for storage. If the placement position is appropriate, it can become an excellent decoration of the living room, such as bookcase storage, which adds a scholarly atmosphere to the living room

corner storage

make full use of corner space to maximize storage efficiency. The most practical corner storage is the stair corner, which can be fully stored by using the corner space of the stair

storage of sofa and tea table

make full use of the storage function of sofa and tea table to produce a value-added effect of multi-purpose. The most common drawer coffee table is simple and practical

the storage sofa is hidden in the inconspicuous place, which can store many things invisibly

store the sofa footstool and make full use of the built-in space

shelf storage

the use of storage shelves can increase the sense of hierarchy of the living room space and make the living room full of fashion and modernity. Ordinary horizontal shelving is regular and not easy to make mistakes

the shelf with novel shape brings a lively feeling to the living room

Closet Storage

there is not enough room for clothes? You might as well open a closet, which can be exposed and embedded, and there is a lot more storage space

the closet can be not only in the room, but also in the kitchen

the bathroom space is not large. If there are conditions for corners and partitions, you can also arrange several closets in these places

as soon as you live in a house for a long time, there will be more and more things. Once you don't clean it up properly, the whole home will be messy and ugly. There are also some owners who buy small houses and can't put away more things, and the home will become messy. Weifang Marge wants to say that learning to store is a very important skill. Weifang Marge said so many ways to store, I don't know which one you learned





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