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The door handle is a commonly used consumable in life. Frequent use will inevitably make the door handle difficult to use. If the door handle is broken, a friend wants to replace it, but he has no way to start. It's very worthless to find a maintenance master to help with the money

the door handle is broken, which affects the normal use of the door, and it will affect the living mood of friends when opening and closing the door. Replacing it as soon as possible can solve the problem. Today, Xiaobian will teach you how to change the door handle. Now let's have a look

how to change the door handle

1. First, remove the old door handle. The anti-theft door handle is removed from the room, because the two screws fixing the handle are inside. As long as you remove the screws, it's OK

2. It's very simple to disassemble. Open the door, press the outside with four fingers and the inside with your thumb (you can also have someone press the outside for you), and remove the screws with a screwdriver. Pay attention! When it is about to be removed, press it with a little force, because there is a spring in it, which will bounce out or hit itself accidentally

3. Take down the handle slowly after the screw is removed, and then open the snap ring on the handle with an open-ended pliers, and take out the handle. When doing this step, you must pay attention to safety, and you can't hurry and take your time. I didn't do this step because I didn't have pliers at home, but this step is also very simple

4. Insert the new handle and clamp the snap ring. At this time, it is basically completed, and what is saved is to install it on you. Put the handle in its original position

5. Be patient when installing, because there is a screw cover on the outer handle, and the screws must be aligned to install it firmly. If you feel it is very expensive, you can find someone to help hold the outer handle, and you install it slowly inside. As long as it is the right one, the other one is good to install

the revolving door handle of the room door is broken, how to disassemble it

there are two kinds of locks with revolving door handle, one can see the fixing screw and the other can't see the fixing screw outside

1. If you can see the fixing screws, first remove the fixing screws at the lock tongue, then remove the lock tongue, and then remove the screws on the baffle plate in the room (the fastening screws will only be in the room, not outside the room), you can see the internal fastening structure, and you can disassemble them in sequence. There are special circlips in some places, and you need to prepare circlip pliers to remove them

2. If you can't see the lock with fastening screws from the outside, first remove the screws at the lock tongue, and then remove the lock tongue. There is a small hole on the lock rod between the handle inside the room and the door. You can use the accessory with which you bought the lock or find a pointed object by yourself. Insert it into the small hole and press it while pulling out the head of the door handle. After pulling out the rotating head, rotate and remove the fixed metal plate on the lock rod that is close to the door, and then you will see two fixed screws, Take down the screws and fixed iron pieces, and you can take down the whole lock outside the room

friends can understand how to replace and install the broken door handle. You need to be patient when installing the door handle, because there is a screw sleeve on the door handle, which must be aligned before it can be installed, and then it can be fixed with additional force, so that with the help of your family, it can be installed, which saves money and trouble

the above is the introduction that Xiaobian brings to you. If you want to know more about relevant knowledge, please continue to pay attention to Qijia consulting. Please look forward to more wonderful consulting




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