Fire at Alta Vista underlines importance of Emerge

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Fire at Alta Vista underlines importance of Emergency Notifications - Today News Post News Today || Canada News |

The RM has been touting the system as a way to connect the RM to its ratepayers as a cost-effective and efficient means through; phone, text and email. The RM has been encouraging its ratepayers to sign up to receive notifications to be notified of emergencies and RM matters that may concern them.

The lack of notification comes on the heels of some RM ratepayers who have said they didn’t receive another notification for the RM’s strategic plan.

On a local Facebook page, McKillop Taxpayer’s Networks stay-at-home order, ratepayers have posted that they weren’t notified of the RM’s fire ban by the system.

Not only were ratepayers not notified of the fire banto be needing to go to hospital or an ambulance to be called. So it, but it also appears that Chief of the Strasbourg Fire DepartmentfullWindowGenericImage, Greg Yungat a time that Canada had administered fewer than 2.5 million doses., was not notified commenting, “Sure would be nice if they sent out an email to the ratepayers and maybe the FD.”

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