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The micro vacuum siphon filling machine fills the domestic gap

Jiangsu high-tech 4.2.2 scanning rate calculation formula enterprise Wujin Xincheng packaging machinery factory has devoted itself to developing a new micro vacuum siphon filling machine to fill a domestic gap in view of the problems existing in the use of previous filling equipment

this product combines the advantages of normal pressure and negative pressure filling machines. At the beginning of filling, there is only micro vacuum. The filling process uses siphon gravity flow to achieve the filling effect. At the end of filling, there is micro vacuum, which absorbs the liquid on the blanking pipe wall so that it does not drip. In this way, the problems of unstable measurement caused by the liquid brought back by the vacuum filling machine and drip leakage of the atmospheric pressure filling machine are completely avoided. At present, the machine has been successfully used in Hubei Sanonda company and Jiangsu Anbang group company

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