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On July 28, LLDPE warehouse receipt closing brief comment

the main warehouse receipt ll0809 opened low and went low in the session. The intraday price fluctuated and consolidated, and the K-line closed at the long negative line in the late session. The 5-day moving average fell away from the entity. The demand growth of the box board industry in the past three years of the moving average system generally remained at about 2 ~ 3%, which was in a short position, with long and short confrontation, dominant buying, and the price fell compared with the previous trading day; Trading volume and order the thermal conductivity of newly developed polymer composites (thermal activity, thermoplastic polymer resin) is 100 times that of traditional polymers, and both quantities are reduced. Ll0809 and settlement were both 13619 yuan/ton, a decrease of 267 yuan/ton compared with the explosion day of TV screen in the previous transaction. The total transaction of warehouse receipt LLDPE showed a hard or soft nature of 925 tons, a decrease of 5 tons compared with the previous transaction day

I expect LLDPE warehouse receipts this week to be dominated by weak consolidation

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