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Weier technology has completed hundreds of millions of yuan of b-round financing

as a demonstration enterprise of Henan Aluminum Industry Transformation and upgrading, Hangzhou weierluo Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Weier Technology) has completed hundreds of millions of yuan of b-round financing. This round of financing is led by Qiming venture capital and followed by Renzhi capital. Weier technology said that the financing will be mainly used for technology research and development, product upgrading, user service and business development

01 Weier technology was founded in December 2016. Its core product is a small and micro global intelligent robot. It uses four functions: intelligent Q & A, intelligent marketing, intelligent CRM, and shopping guide magic disk to provide e-commerce with full life-cycle artificial intelligence services and solutions from pre-sales to after-sales

up to now, the business of Weier technology has covered more than 200 cities and regions across the country, serving more than 12000 customers in total. After the product was officially launched into the market with suitable viscosity in 2018, the user satisfaction was high, and the renewal rate of the amount in 2019 had exceeded 100%

02 zhuzhenhua, founder and CEO of Weier technology, believes that at present, domestic e-commerce companies are increasingly focusing on refined operations, using artificial intelligence to help businesses accurately obtain customers, sorting out and analyzing customers' consumption habits, and improving service quality and customer retention has become a mainstream trend. In addition, the data generated by the e-commerce industry on the other hand presents the characteristics of massive and high-frequency, which is conducive to the training of intelligent customer service, which is also the main reason why AI took the lead in the e-commerce scene

at present, most of the general-purpose customer service robots in the market are mainly open services for some links, mainly to solve the repetitive problem of manual customer service. The core advantage and competitive barrier of Weier technology is that, in addition to the SaaS platform that has been built for the full life cycle of e-commerce, the company also conducts training based on NLP technology and industry knowledge map, combined with the corpus and information base of different businesses, so as to form a personalized solution

Zhu Zhenhua said that the current session recognition rate of the micro Er robot is about 98%, which can cover about 70% of the questions, and can support text, pictures and video Q & A; User behavior is recorded in intelligent CRM, and merchants can improve the sales conversion rate by up to 20% by virtue of multi-dimensional user portraits for precision marketing

03 Ye Guantai, partner of Qiming venture capital, said: the quality of Wei'er technology products can better withstand the inspection of the National Bureau of product quality, and has grasped the core of AI evolution. Through machine learning algorithms and standard SaaS software, it helps the e-commerce industry improve efficiency and make services more intelligent. With the increasing acceptance of digital operations by small and medium-sized enterprises and the progress of AI technology, it is believed that the application scenario of saas+ai will be extended to more industry scenarios

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