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According to the latest statistical survey of the China Center for Disease Control and prevention, in 2009, 57.5% of the 2-7-year-old children in China had excessive lead intake, which rose to 62.1% in 2010. At present, 1/3 of the children still ingest excessive lead through diet. Experts believe that there are three main sources of lead pollution for children. First, automobile exhaust pollution. Lead pollution caused by automobile exhaust is one of the main causes of lead poisoning in children; The second is the pollution of household decoration products. Paints and pigments are indispensable chemical raw materials for home decoration, but almost all of them contain lead compounds. Third, toys and school supplies pollution. At present, lead is common in children's toys, pencils, crayons, correction pens and other learning tools

among the three sources, the most common one is that lead compounds in children's room paint enter children's bodies, resulting in children's blood lead content exceeding the standard. At present, China's paint manufacturers and national policies have not formulated corresponding standards and regulations for children's paint, and only a few enterprises have children's paint products. However, due to the lack of supporting unified standards, it is impossible to compare various products, which also makes it difficult for ordinary consumers to choose. This situation makes the brand of children's special paint with national safety certification very popular

recently, taking the opportunity of investigating the current situation of paint products in Inner Mongolia, I specially interviewed Mr. Fan, the general agent of Mickey paint, the first brand of Chinese children's paint

: Hello, Mr. Fan, I'd like to talk about how you came up with the idea of making children's special paint

Mr. Fan: OK, although we are located in the frontier fortress, the local people's awareness of environmental protection is no worse than that of big cities. I remember at the end of 2006, the media here once reported an incident that children got leukemia and died after ineffective treatment due to the use of inferior paint. Because I was originally doing Decoration Engineering, I always pay close attention to this information. After reading the report, I wondered why there was no special paint specially designed for children in the market after the most widely used conventional plastic granulator equipment? If so, isn't it safer to use their special paint in children's rooms? This gave birth to the idea that I want to make children's special paint. The most typical data processing is as follows

: How did you paint with Mickey? Why did you choose Mickey paint

Mr. Fan: Yes, there were many well-known paint brands in Inner Mongolia at that time, but there was no special paint for children, so I inquired from many sources, and finally friends in the industry recommended Mickey paint to me. So I also went to Heshan City in Guangdong Province to make a detailed investigation and understanding of the relevant experimental brand of this one arm electronic universal experimental machine, which is mainly suitable for materials below 5000n. I first visited their production base and found that they have the most advanced production workshops in China, and also introduced foreign advanced production equipment, assembly line operation, computer-controlled channel transmission and other modern management means, which made me feel very relieved. Then I visited their product research and development laboratories and some of their sample stores, which gave me a very good feeling on the whole. Moreover, Heshan Mickey paint Co., Ltd. has been established as a time-honored enterprise since 1999. After coming back, I decided to introduce the brand of Mickey to our Inner Mongolia, so that our children here can also enjoy the health and environmental protection of Mickey paint

: Mr. Fan, have you encountered any difficulties since you acted as an agent for Mickey paint? How about the sales of Mickey paint in your local area

Mr. Fan: at the beginning, I did encounter some problems in the promotion because consumers did not know much about children's special paint. However, with the continuous involvement of Mickey's perfect business equipment, scientific organization team and appropriate brand publicity media, the influence of the whole brand is growing. Mickey's adoption of new marketing concepts, new professional services and new special products quickly helped me stand firm in the local market. In fact, I think the key to sales lies in word-of-mouth and the quality of the product itself. In recent years, Mickey paint has obtained a series of authoritative certifications in China: ISO, ISO14001, ten ring mark, 3C certification, environmental protection product certification, etc., won the Chinese famous brand and became the first batch of "ecological clean taste" promotion products. This year, it was also featured by CCTV media and selected as "top ten influential brands in China's children's paint market" and "top ten competitive brands in China's children's paint market" by relevant national departments. With such a good reputation, it is difficult not to do business. From being a middle-aged person who should have taken on the role of family at first, he engaged in activities and promotions. Now consumers recognize the brand and take the initiative to buy on-site. The change is really visible, and the profit also continues to increase. I fully understand the true meaning of the sentence that brand determines career

at the end of the interview, Mr. Fan said that the paint market is changing rapidly, especially now in the domestic paint market, there are more than 20 or 30 well-known brands alone. What kind of brands can you really become rich depends on the segmentation of the market. Only by grasping the potential demand of the market and identifying the leading brands in the industry can you grasp the pulse of the market and grasp the context of wealth

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