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Micropublishing may become a trend in the publishing industry.

traditional magazines can no longer adapt to the consumption in the digital era, and the opportunity for Micropublishing is coming. The magazine was recently sold to the IOS platform publishing editor, and it will become one of the magazines in many app stores. The monthly price is $1.99, and soon they will be able to balance their own income and expenditure. This gives entrepreneurs the confidence to replicate, and Micropublishing may become a publishing industry trend. In fact, all this has happened

last week, Marco arment announced that he had sold the magazine to Glenn Fleishman, editor in chief of IOS platform publishing. Arment said that the enterprise he accidentally founded was no longer suitable for him to operate. Glenn has done almost everything, and I'm actually just hanging out. He said

however, from this matter, it can be seen that what arment sees is a longer-term trend, and soon the magazine will become one of the magazines in many app stores

the magazine was just launched seven months ago. According to a statement by Craig mod, the designer and writer, the magazine is the first publication to use the micro publishing standard. The magazine was born in the era of smart and tablet computers. It is grassroots and divorced from the concept of traditional magazines. The printing products launched by traditional magazines can no longer adapt to the era of digital consumption. On the other hand, arment's products inherit the principles of micro Publishing: light weight, easy to spread and easy to use

the magazine sells for $1.99 a month, and soon they will be able to make ends meet on their own. This also gives other entrepreneurs and publishers who want to follow the pace of the magazine a lot of confidence. Maybe they also have the opportunity to copy publications like the magazine by building a platform. Last December, the author predicted that micro publishing will become one of the most important publishing trends in 2013

in fact, all this has happened. As a progressive app magazine, the magazine is no longer alone. They have cooperated with Apple's newsstand, and with the help of the start-up 29th Street publishing, many media people have been brought into the world of mobile applications. Below, we will introduce some of the latest companies

1. Readymag

readymag is located in Moscow. Their slogan is that everyone can create an excellent magazine. Users build magazine content through an interface built into the browser. Created magazines can also be read in the browser. In order to enrich its micro mode, readymag provides many interactive tools to help users add audio, video, and animation backgrounds

how it will make money: readymag is currently in the invitation test stage, but once it is launched to the public, it will provide special templates, tools, and templates for permanent accounts. On the sales side, it also needs an authorization so that third-party developers can use their own tools to work on its platform

financing: raised 150000 US dollars from relatives and friends

2. Periodic

periodic company is located in Los Angeles. The author first knew that they were at a weekend hacker marathon, and this start-up company clumsily repaired their product prototype. On Thursday, periodic was officially launched to the public, providing users with cross platform tools to create, publish and sell their own magazines on the Internet, IOS, Android and kindle. Their main idea is to publish once, publish widely and make profits everywhere

how it makes money: the cost of periodic on the Kindle is $29 a year, which is also the basis for the design of brittle metals. The cost of IOS and Android systems is $99 a year. For magazines sold on the Internet, Android and Kindle, periodic will receive a 20% commission; For sales on IOS, the percentage of commission drawn is 9%. (independent of Apple's 30% commission)

financing: obtain $100000 from launchpad La

3 Blookist

blookist promises a new and perfect way to publish content. As a new way of blog, blookist conceptualizes itself. They provide a blog, which is a combination of blog and book. Both the simplicity of blogs and the beauty of books. At present, its products only support pages, but its app application is under development. Blookist's team is in Slovenia and London and is currently in alpha testing phase

how it will make money: it is not clear at present, but blookist hopes to help content creators earn income, so they are likely to make money by commission

financing: self financing

4. Glossi

glossi distinguishes it from micro mode in a visually driven way. Even if users do not have any software support or design skills, this cross platform publishing tool can still help users build rich media magazines. Half of its market is self-employed, and the other half is brand merchants. Glossi is a product of Los Angeles social business station ThisNext

how to make money: now the product is in beta testing, so it is free. However, at the end of this year, glossi will start to provide advanced tools and better distribution and profit-making functions, all of which need to be paid

financing: ThisNext was founded in 2005 and invested $8.7 million in venture capital

5. Typeengine

typeengine is located in Seattle. Once launched, Marco arment claimed that this product was too close to his design concept. From the perspective of money, arment will certainly criticize its similar design, but in fact, typeengine still has some differences: let more people 1. The shear force should be parallel to the sheared surface; Ability to create magazines like the magazine. The start-up company has mastered the design principles of the magazine and created a platform to publish newsstand magazine applications. Typeengine allows users to create personalized themes and different design templates, which makes the publishing of app store more convenient

how it makes money: typeengine will charge a certain fee per month according to how many publications readers download

financing: self financing

6. Packagr

xoxco is located in Austin. They have a product called pac7. The noise of the whole machine is no more than 70dbkagr. It is currently in the internal beta test stage. Users can create content for IOS devices, open pages, and e-books. Packgr integrates WordPress, Tumblr, twitter, and Drupal. Users can use tools to import content from external platforms into packgr. In addition, users can also use the drag and drop function to adjust the page layout, and the use effect is good. The product can automatically adjust the window size according to the screen size

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