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Micro energy leads smart energy and multi energy complementation

China micro energy industry innovation alliance held the Taishan forum in Baoshan District, Shanghai on December 3, with the theme of "industrial value of multi energy integration under the energy revolution", and around the needs of energy development, using the new concept of interconnected energy big data, to explore the innovation methods, innovation systems and innovation platforms of the energy revolution

Ai Feng, the former president of the economy, the chairman of the Taishan forum and the chairman of the micro energy alliance, said that the energy revolution needs to promote the three development ideas of "system development, integrated development and platform development". As for China's energy problems, there are currently system problems such as insufficient traditional energy and low utilization rate of new energy to find the cause of failure, and there is an urgent need for integration and platform development. "Micro energy, from these perspectives and guided by the optimal utilization of energy, can be used for both power generation and electricity, thermal power and solar energy. It is a basic part of energy interconnection and an important part of building a clean, low-carbon, safe and efficient energy system." Ai Feng said

it is understood that micro energy is a regional network for the comprehensive utilization of intelligent energy. It not only has a high proportion of new energy access, but also can achieve the basic balance between local energy production and energy load through energy storage and optimal configuration, realize the multi-energy complementarity of wind, light, natural gas and other types of distributed energy, and can interact flexibly with public electricity according to needs

the industry predicts that the scale of China's micro energy market will reach 100 billion yuan in the future, and the scale of the global micro energy market will reach 30 billion US dollars. Shi Jun, former member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Gansu Provincial Committee and vice governor of Gansu Province, pointed out that micro energy with multi-energy integration is a major article of the energy revolution. "Although micro energy is small, it has a large market scale, high value creation and strong safety performance. The key to promoting the expansion of multi-energy integration is to promote the optimization of the combination of factors that cause serious environmental pollution by plastic granulator equipment such as economy, and it is necessary to establish a collaborative optimization mechanism of government, industry, University and Research Fund." Shi Jun said

Wang Shancheng, deputy director of the Department of resource conservation and environmental protection of the national development and Reform Commission, pointed out that in the process of energy production and consumption revolution, distribution and intelligence are becoming more and more important. China's energy production encourages the coordinated development of Distributed Renewable Energy and natural gas, and relies on new energy storage, flexible networks and micro technologies to achieve efficient and flexible access to distributed energy, as well as the integration of production and consumption. Zhang Jianhua, a member of the energy expert advisory group of the national "973 Plan", believes that micro energy will become the main way of energy and power consumption in the future, and the energy interconnection with "interconnection + smart energy" as the core will change the operation format of the traditional power system

"micro energy industry technology development has a long way to go. Although there are many institutional, institutional, technical and other difficulties, with our joint efforts, micro energy will become an important breakthrough for China to promote the transformation of energy consumption into a safe and efficient energy system. Shanghai will also actively play a leading role in jointly training R & D teams, and do a good pilot demonstration in the application and promotion of micro energy." Zhang Jianming, deputy director of the Shanghai Municipal Commission of economy and information technology, said that as a megacity with high energy consumption, high density and high environmental protection requirements, Shanghai has many difficulties and challenges in energy work. According to the energy characteristics of Shanghai, emerging fields such as micro energy and energy big data will play an important role. At present, Shanghai has taken the lead in Xinzhuang Industrial Zone and Hongqiao Business District in launching the micro energy construction of clean energy by the research team led by the Institute's director researcher Ebara Chonghong. By using interconnection, big data and other technologies, combined with the natural gas distributed energy system, Shanghai has laid out the photovoltaic system, electricity, natural gas, energy and other multi-energy linkage and complementary smart energy networks to provide a complete set of energy integrated services for enterprises in the region

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