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Micro corrugated market feedback

micro corrugated has always been the first choice for packaging. Motorola products have always used E-shaped or F-shaped carton packaging, which has withstood the tests of friction, impact, fall and so on in harsh environments: the packaging cost is relatively economic; The lightweight micro corrugated also reduces the freight, and the comprehensive cost is 5% lower than that of paperboard packaging. Haier is interested in the high-strength seismic performance, exquisite printing and low cost of micro corrugated packaging

in addition to being widely used in packaging, digital products. Micro corrugated is also favored. BenQ Diantong Information Technology Co., Ltd. has applied micro corrugated in its small products. Compared with large corrugated paper packaging such as B-shaped corrugated paper, this kind of packaging not only has firm structure, but also has high and slow pressure bearing strength under parallel pressure; Neutral can be good. Effectively promote the demonstration and utilization of the first (set) major technical equipment to ensure the product quality during transportation. And it can also reduce the packaging cost by about 20%. At the same time, micro corrugated board has better physical properties and better printing adaptability, which can reflect a strong realistic visual effect. In addition. For example, the CD-ROM drive of Sony Corporation, a computer motherboard produced by Taiwan shuotech Technology Co., Ltd. and the Yida pc730de German Dictionary produced by Xinghan Technology Co., Ltd. of Daqing high tech Zone all use micro corrugated packaging

micro corrugated is also a new favorite of small household appliances. Guangdong Kelong Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. believes that the exquisite printing effect is one of the main reasons why the company adopts micro corrugated paper packaging. For example, the 6-inch and 8-inch refrigerators and other small household electrical appliances produced by Kelon Company are packaged in be corrugated boxes and satisfactory offset printing technology, which are colorful. After applying UV varnish. It not only achieves the effect of moisture-proof, but also reduces the volume of cartons and improves the compressive strength of packaging boxes, while reducing the comprehensive cost of packaging by about 15%. Sichuan Changhong Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. has widely used ultra-thin DVDs and other audio-visual products in the market, making micro corrugation a hot topic of discussion. Compared with ordinary nylon 66 material market, the popularity of micro corrugation in the city does not seem to attract investment. How to prepare for the production of micro corrugation? Can the roll making experts' analysis of equipment transformation and the macro and micro views of experts answer the "Puzzle" of micro corrugation for the carton factory? packing. Through the change of box type design, after replacing the original A-line or B-line with E-line packaging box, the strength of the carton is guaranteed and the packaging cost is reduced by more than 20%

the food industry is a major user of corrugated products. The same is true for micro corrugated. All kinds of beverage trays, cold drink home packaging and biscuit home packaging have begun to use micro corrugated instead of the original cardboard packaging. Heluxue (China) Co., Ltd. adopts F-shaped cartons, with a consumption of about 35million. In order to improve the quality of products and improve the printing effect, the company changed the previous C-edge cardboard packaging two years ago. It has been used for two years without any problems. The packaging of biscuit boxes of Beijing vegetarian Forest Food Co., Ltd. adopts E-type corrugated. The cost of using E-bar packaging is lower than that of the original whiteboard carton; The appearance is small and exquisite, and the micro corrugated packaging can obtain light packaging strength with lighter raw materials; In addition, due to its smaller corrugated shape and more corrugated per unit area, it has higher compressive strength and good cushioning performance; In addition, micro corrugated packaging can also improve the moisture resistance of packaging after varnishing

medical equipment is also a major user of micro corrugated. For example, the cardiac pacemaker of Medtronic (China) Co., Ltd. is applied to micro corrugated. The purchasers of the company believe that the micro corrugated machine has high strength and good anti vibration performance, which fully meets the packaging requirements of the precision product of cardiac pacemaker

in addition to, digital products, food, medical devices and other fields, micro corrugated is also used in the pharmaceutical and health care markets, as well as small product packaging markets such as shoes, chemical supplies, electronic calculators, and the fire performance theory of scientific management. In a word, micro corrugated or replaced a, B, C cardboard as the outer packaging of small goods, or applied to large goods to act as a buffer; Medium lining, or materials used to make advertising display shelves and poster boards. The market is gradually expanding

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