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Micro chain technology: be a leader in the industrial cognitive robot industry

] in autumn and September, the 20th China International Industry Expo (hereinafter referred to as the ICIF) was grandly held in the National Convention and Exhibition Center. From September 19 to 23, many exhibitors and visitors gathered together to participate in the international influential Industrial Expo. As a high-tech enterprise focusing on industrial cognition research and development, wechain Technology Co., Ltd. brought a variety of high-quality products to attend

in recent years, with the deepening of its application in various subdivision fields, many industries have higher and higher requirements for robots in accuracy, positioning and recognition. Combining machine image vision to achieve high-precision, human-machine coordination and other operations has gradually become a necessary technology for robots. (5) real time recording of friction time and load time experimental curves

actual view of the wechat technology booth

as one of the manufacturers of industrial robots, wechat Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as wechat Technology) closely focuses on the development of the industry and has made a number of achievements in the production and research and development of cognitive robots. In order to further understand the performance of micro chain technology products and the cutting-edge technologies it contains, Ben had an in-depth exchange with Mr. ran Xiang, chairman of micro chain technology

focus on 3D robot vision technology

according to Mr. ran Xiang, since its establishment, micro chain technology has been focusing on the research and development of industrial cognitive robot technology and the production of related products. Over the past 15 years, micro chain technology has integrated information technology and robot technology, produced a number of high-quality robot products, and effectively promoted the development of related industries

after years of exploration, micro chain technology has accumulated rich experience in intelligent device data analysis, 3D robot vision and cognitive robots. At present, some research and development ideas of micro chain technology have been transformed into practical application results, which greatly improves the production efficiency of the factory

Mr. ran Xiang, chairman of micro chain technology, accepted the interview of China intelligent manufacturing.

among the various core technologies of micro chain technology, the technology of 3D robot of welinkirt vision micro chain has to be mentioned. Welinkirt vision micro chain 3D robot enables the robot to realize 3D recognition through a camera, and it takes only 0.1 seconds to transmit the image to the robot, and the accuracy can reach 20 microns, which is also valued in the industry

compared with similar products on the market, robots equipped with welinkirt vision have higher accuracy and faster speed, and can quickly and accurately locate objects in different places, so as to achieve the production purpose of reducing costs and improving quality and output. Based on these advantages, robot products equipped with welinkirt vision micro chain 3D robot technology have been highly praised once launched

strengthen cooperation to build international competitiveness

under the background of increasingly fierce market competition, the upgrading speed of robot products is also faster and faster. In order to enhance the comprehensive strength of enterprises and build the core competitiveness of domestic industrial cognitive robots, wechain technology actively cooperates with peers to enrich itself

at present, micro chain technology has a research and development center in Vancouver, and wholly-owned and joint venture subsidiaries, research and development and production bases in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Chongqing. At the same time, as the Chinese strategic partner of Danish youao robot, wechain technology will also maintain an open and inclusive attitude and work together with more people in the industry

products displayed by wechat technology

2018 is a critical year for wechat technology. Since the beginning of the new year, LCD display force micro chain technology has held close talks with the relevant heads of the school of computer science at Simon Fraser University in Canada. It is reported that the two sides will carry out a new round of exchanges and cooperation on the basis of robot vision, focusing on robot control cognitive technology, especially industrial cognitive robot technology

in addition, micro chain technology also actively cooperates with domestic and foreign enterprises in data center management, car service, equipment monitoring, etc. Micro chain technology not only establishes a good corporate image, but also promotes the development of the entire robot industry

the pursuit of brilliant performance is endless

on the afternoon of September 23, the five-day Industrial Expo in Shanghai, with a record number of exhibitors and professional visitors, came to an end. Although this exhibition has ended, the grand occasion of the exhibition is still vivid. Among many exhibitors, wechat technology has left a deep impression with its high-end products and dedicated attitude

at present, the trend of interconnection of all things is gradually emerging. In this context, after the data of IOT is analyzed by the artificial intelligence software of wechat technology, the corresponding equipment has intelligent cognitive function, which is very helpful for the factory to realize automation and intelligent transformation and upgrading. It is based on diversified products and services that micro chain technology is loved by many users, including Huawei, Ford, Foxconn and other electronic and automotive enterprises, as well as scientific research institutions such as the Chinese Academy of Sciences

products displayed by micro chain technology

when the wave of intelligence is sweeping, the demand for robot products in the industrial field will continue to increase in the future. With the continuous improvement of product performance and product functions, robots will truly integrate into the process of industrial development. As the developer of industrial cognitive robots, micro chain technology will maintain its original intention, never forget its mission, and contribute to the development of the entire robot industry

in the future, more robot enterprises that master cutting-edge technologies will emerge, injecting more vitality into China's industrial construction. Under the guidance of made in China 2025 and other policies, China's robot industry will enter a new period of development and achieve more brilliant achievements

] at this Industrial Expo, abb introduced two new models developed for its new modular product line. The new product line combines configurable building blocks and common interfaces to provide customers with a wider range of robot products and create more customized solutions

from September 19 to 23, abb (Hall 8.1, booth e157) will display a series of digital and collaborative automation solutions to build a flexible and efficient factory at the 2018 China International Industrial Expo (hereinafter referred to as the Industrial Expo) held in Shanghai

ABB showed off its groundbreaking new product line at the automatica in Munich, Germany, in June this year. Just a few months later, abb added two new robots to this rich product line. Ni side, global head of ABB Robot business unit, said: the manufacturing mode can show the experimental curve in real time, and it is changing to small batch and multi variety. One of its challenges is the growing demand for customized automation solutions. We find that in the same industry, or in the same company, sometimes even in the same factory, various applications are increasingly unique. Our new product line is designed to provide customers with flexibility and help them stay ahead of continuous change

as part of the new modular product line design, abb launched its lightest six axis robot IRB 1100 and IRB 910inv flip Scala robot to date. Both of them can be easily integrated into a limited space. Its high-precision and fast-moving real gold plate is processed by using phase change wrapping thermal insulation and energy storage technology, which can greatly improve the production efficiency of small piece assembly units

Abb is also constantly expanding its product line of collaborative solutions, and has launched a new Yumi single arm robot. Combined with the breakthrough Yumi double arm robot and safemove2 software, abb can provide customers with a new way to improve flexibility, so that people and robots can cooperate safely and efficiently in the same space

among the digital products displayed by ABB at the Industrial Expo, one of the main exhibits is the new omnicore series, which is designed to unleash the full potential of interconnected robots. Omnicore's built-in ABB ability interconnection service can help customers avoid costly downtime and quickly recover from accidents

in addition, abb will also demonstrate remote monitoring and predictive maintenance solutions for industrial power transmission systems. It is based on ABB condition monitoring and ABB ability intelligent technology, and uses the latest algorithms and machine learning technology to bring new support for evaluating, managing and ensuring the performance of drives, motors, pumps and bearings

ABB will also show a series of industry-specific solutions at the Expo, including battery assembly applications for electric vehicles, and new conveyor belt tracking solutions that can significantly improve the speed of picking, packaging and palletizing applications

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abb (abbn: six Swiss Ex) is a global technology leader in the fields of electricity, electrical products, industrial automation and robotics and motion control, committed to helping customers in the power, industry, transportation and infrastructure industries improve their performance. Based on more than 130 years of innovation history, abb technology comprehensively covers the value chain of power and industrial automation, and is applied to various scenarios from power generation end to power consumption end, from natural resource exploitation to finished product completion, writing the future of industry digitalization. As the named partner of ABB International Automobile Alliance Electric formula championship, abb is also actively involved in the future sustainable development and expanding the boundaries of electric transportation technology. ABB Group has businesses in more than 100 countries and regions around the world, with 147000 employees. ABB has a full range of business activities in China, including R & D, manufacturing, sales and engineering services, 40 local enterprises, 18000 employees in 142 cities, and online and offline channels cover more than 300 cities across the country

ABB Robot is the pioneer of industrial robot, cooperative robot and advanced digital service. As a leading provider of industrial robot technology in the world, ABB Robot operates in 53 countries and more than 100 regions, with a total installed capacity of more than 400000 units worldwide, involving a wide range of industries and application fields. Abb is committed to helping customers improve production flexibility, efficiency, safety and reliability, and help them move towards an interconnected and collaborative future factory

(original title: ABB creates the latest flexible, intelligent and customized solutions for future factories)

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