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Micro motor shaft cryogenic treatment box motor shaft cryogenic equipment wholesale

motor shaft cryogenic treatment liquid nitrogen cryogenic box price model: cdw-196 brand: micro motor shaft cryogenic treatment box produced by HuiFu Shandong HuiFu can improve the performance of motor shaft. It is mostly used in cryogenic treatment of metal, hard alloy, high-speed steel and other materials, which can increase the wear resistance, toughness and impact resistance of materials, It can also be mentioned that the cryogenic treatment box of micro motor shaft produced by Shandong HuiFu can improve the performance of motor shaft. It is mostly applied to the cryogenic treatment of metal, cemented carbide, high-speed steel and other materials, which can increase the wear resistance, toughness, impact resistance of materials, improve the fatigue strength, eliminate internal stress, etc., so it also extends the service life of motor shaft and greatly reduces the replacement frequency. HuiFu cryogenic treatment equipment adopts liquid nitrogen dispersion technology, two-way temperature control technology and heating technology to ensure the cooling, heating rate and constant temperature requirements of the treated workpiece. The time and temperature are set arbitrarily, and the special configuration saves the consumption of liquid nitrogen for customers. It provides a strong guarantee for the strict implementation of cryogenic treatment process and low-temperature aging of workpiece

product features of micro motor shaft cryogenic treatment box:

HuiFu liquid nitrogen cryogenic box adopts the man-machine interface +plc+ module programmable control mode, which can observe the temperature change in the box in real time, with manual and automatic dual operation functions, simple operation and strong reliability. Using liquid nitrogen dispersion refrigeration technology and temperature control technology, the constant temperature and cooling processes of the product are uniform and stable, and the automatic alarm is given when the insulation is completed. The stainless steel case is beautiful and durable, and is insulated with high-density polyurethane foam insulation layer. The system has reasonable structure, standardized manufacturing process, compact component layout, simple operation, powerful function and humanized communication interface; The equipment takes liquid nitrogen as the cooling medium, and it can be cooled for 5 minutes, and the temperature can reach -196 ℃

how to clean the inverted metallographic microscope after cryogenic treatment of the micro motor shaft? Box technical indicators:

temperature control range: room temperature - -196 ℃

cooling speed: 1-50 ℃

temperature uniformity: ± 2 ℃

control mode: touch screen +plc control side, high-pressure oil flows from s to C2, automatic shutdown after heat preservation

refrigerant: liquid nitrogen

low temperature box form: horizontal Well type

insulation material: polyurethane

inner wall of low-temperature box: stainless steel

power supply: AC220V

after sales service:

HuiFu sells equipment with three guarantees of quality, free warranty period of one year and lifelong maintenance. During the three guarantee period, the supplier shall provide free warranty for all kinds of equipment failures in time. All kinds of parts and components damaged by non-human factors shall be replaced free of charge. After the warranty period, if the equipment breaks down in the process of use, the supplier will come to the orderer in time to help users solve the problem of more and more plastic enterprises committed to the research and development of new environmental protection materials in the process of installation and use

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