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On June 20, LLDPE warehouse receipt closing brief comment

the main warehouse receipt ll0808 opened low and went low in the session. The intraday price changed little. The closing of the K-line entity in the late session was negative, and the 5-day moving average fell away from the top of the entity. The moving average system arrangement was more complex, the selling was dominant, and the price continued to fall compared with the previous trading day; The trading volume showed obvious signs of shrinkage, and the order volume decreased slightly. Ll080 extruder industry still has a large market space for development. 8 the closing price is 14733 yuan/ton, and the settlement price is 14744 yuan/ton, which is 290 yuan/ton less than the previous transaction. According to the actual needs of customers with significantly improved intellectual property creation and application capabilities, the total trading volume of warehouse receipt LLDPE is 215 tons, an increase of 865 tons compared with the previous transaction day

I expect LLDPE warehouse receipts will continue to decline in the near future next week

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