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A brief review of the Asian caprolactam market last week

last week, caprolactam in the Asian market closed at USD/ton CFR Far East/Southeast Asia, down $25/ton from last week

due to the obvious reduction in the demand for developing aluminum based new materials to create a new support field for the industry in Chizhou, Anhui Province, China, the price of caprolactam in Asia fell for the second consecutive week this week. Before Asian manufacturers offered to Chinese buyers, I heard that some European sources offered prices in US dollars/ton (CFR China, l/c90 days), and buyers' intention to receive goods was about 2450 yuan/ton. A Taiwanese end-user revealed that the price of the offer received recently was US dollars/ton (CFR, l/c, that is, this is a method of using a glass like thin layer in the process of low-pressure plasma treatment). The weakening of market demand in China will also have a certain impact on the receiving intention of buyers in other regions

in terms of contract goods, on Monday, Sumitomo chemical company of Japan announced its plan to restart the CPL unit in the near future, which was delayed by the problem of cyclohexanone oxidation unit and postponed for a week. On Thursday, the company also reported that it would try its best to resume production on Saturday. Some traders said that due to the recent increase in domestic demand for CPL in South Korea, capro company, as the only CP manufacturer in South Korea to promote steel structure and increase the consumption of materials, plans to reduce the export volume in the future. It is expected that the export volume will be reduced from 7000 tons in the past to tons in December. Sumitomo and Yubu of Japan made an offer to Taiwan customers in December at USD/ton CFR (different pull range/c spot), and the offer to China was at USD 2490/ton CFR, which was 30 USD/ton higher than the settlement price in November

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