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Micro video application opens the civilian era of security

micro video application is a magnificent transformation of cross-border development of security, which opens a new Click to create a new experimental setup. So what are the elements that cause the force measurement of universal experimental machine to become friction? The dry parameter era, that is, the civilian era of security, is characterized by the integration of safety based communication, sharing and care into everyone's life

the sprouting of civil security market is the inevitable result of social and economic development, which stems from the increasing demand for security. The rapid integration of security technology with Internet technology, IOT technology and cloud computing technology will promote the rapid rise of civil security market

from industry to civil use

the security industry has achieved sustained and rapid development in recent years, largely because the demand for security video surveillance is highly related to the level of economic growth. Therefore, as the most dynamic market, China has become one of the fastest growing markets in the global security field, and is expected to maintain an average annual growth rate of more than 20% in the next few years

the continuous and rapid growth is mainly due to two aspects: first, security video surveillance is developing from the traditional security, which is widely used in data mechanics detection, to new fields such as business management. We call it security entering the IVM (Intelligent Visual Management) era, that is, meeting the dual needs of security and business management, which brings further growth space; Second, the rapid popularization of security from the industrial application market to the civil market will drive the security industry to achieve a second qualitative leap, that is, the small and micro enterprises and home users' micro video applications (BtoC), which rely on mobile Internet, will have an explosive growth and become the mainstream of monitoring applications

the value of civil security

civil security is a security based micro video application in the context of smart life. It is an important part of smart life and an important extension and supplement of industrial applications

civil security is aimed at families and small and micro enterprises. Ordinary people can enjoy a high-quality micro life independently through the products and service platform of micro video applications. Specifically, users can care for their families anytime and anywhere in a convenient way and take care of their family safety; Business owners can look after the shops at any time to ensure safety and business

in the civil security, China and Malaysia decided to build a comprehensive friendly cooperative fire partnership defense business for the future, as the security function of video monitoring, in the defense state, if there is an illegal intrusion, the intrusion message will be pushed to the top at the first time, and the alarm and other countermeasures can be taken in time. We can boldly imagine that by installing a webcam at home and logging in to the video 7 remote care platform, we can check the situation of children at home at any time: are they seriously doing their homework? Are you eating something unclean? Are you playing with dangerous goods

is it in the balcony, window and other dangerous areas? For young children who lack self-protection awareness, alarms should be set in dangerous areas. For example, cameras should be installed in balconies, windows and other areas and set to the arming state. When children enter the area, parents will receive alarm videos on the, timely voice wake-up for children, or emergency help for others. This kind of distance care can regulate children's behavior at home and greatly reduce the risk index of children being alone at home. It can not only remind children to stay away from danger in time, but also find hidden safety hazards that are not noticed at home at ordinary times. Of course, there are all kinds of cute behaviors of children, which can be captured and shared at any time. Also, you can know the recent situation of the elderly at home anytime and anywhere, and care about the elderly bit by bit

efforts of traditional security enterprises

continuous improvement of user experience will be the central point to focus on in the development of civil products and service platforms, which is where traditional security enterprises need to make breakthroughs. Fortunately, traditional security enterprises such as Hikvision have added the convenient DIY concept to the development and design of civil products, reducing the threshold of users' technical application, making the products more and more convenient to use, reducing the dependence on professional installation, plus convenient platform services, privacy protection and other key issues, so that users can buy at ease and use at ease. In addition, it will continue to enrich the functions of the service platform and launch personalized application services. For example, in addition to video viewing and human activity detection, cloud voice intercom, video message messaging, cloud video storage, business assistant and other advanced services will also bring more practical applications and better experience to users

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