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Micro structure improves the properties of BOPP film

in recent years, the application range of biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP) film has expanded rapidly and has become a leader in the field of packaging materials. The recently developed stretching technology of microporous film and the processed BOPP film with micro structure not only help processors reduce the cost of polymer raw materials, but also make new progress in the application of BOPP film

the stretching technology of microporous film was invented by the Finnish tri axcell company to show the scientific and technological achievements of automobile lightweight plastic technology and innovative materials in the exhibition area. The density of polypropylene used by triaxcell is 0.3g/cm3, which is only half of that of microporous polypropylene used in traditional extrusion. Micropores in triaxcell films are formed by adding mineral fillers (such as calcium carbonate) when the film resin melts. When the film passes through the longitudinal stretching (MDO) device rapidly downstream, the mineral filler can induce the nucleation fracture, and the film then enters the hot gas diffusion chamber. In the hot gas diffusion chamber, the film snakes through a series of rollers fixed at the top and bottom of the hot gas diffusion chamber. The gas (usually air) in the hot gas diffusion chamber diffuses into the middle of the micropore, causing overpressure. After rapid exit from the hot gas diffusion chamber, the film is stretched laterally in the transverse stretching (TDO) system and then longitudinally in another temperature control unit. In the process of stretching, the high-pressure air or other gases in the film cavitation will expand to form a micro structure. Processors are free to control the degree of longitudinal and transverse stretching

triaxcell produces micro BOPP film with high gas content, which prohibits the transfer of combustion chain. The equipment used covers a small area, and the total investment cost is reasonable compared with the existing production equipment. Among them, only TDO and hot gas diffusion chamber are new equipment. Enterprises producing non oriented stretched films can transform their existing production lines by purchasing TDO and hot gas diffusion chamber

triaxcell said that it is expected to produce micro films with a thickness of only 20 microns and a gas content of up to 90%. The company has tested and produced micro films with a thickness of 30 microns and a gas content of 75%

BOPP film produced by this technology not only has a soft touch, but also has electromechanical properties suitable for drivers, sensors and thin plate speakers. The comprehensive properties of this BOPP film can be compared with the piezoelectric elastic polyvinylidene chloride (PVDC) film with a thickness of less than 5 microns applied in the same field. The piezoelasticity and microporous structure of triacell film make it 3 The experimental error meets the national standard and can be used as electret detector material. Triacell film is also a permanently polarized dielectric

Triaxcell is also preparing to use its high gas content micro BOPP film for the preparation of container labels and food packaging. This label can reduce the amount of polymer used and is not easy to break. Packaging materials made of micro BOPP film with high gas content can provide thermal insulation and gas barrier performance for ice cream and other products

in addition to processing general polyolefins, triax cell also believes that cycloolefin copolymers (COC) have great application potential. COC is suitable for preparing electronic components with excellent performance at high temperature. Emfitech company of Finland uses cavitation films with a thickness of 65 ~ 70 microns to prepare electronic components in emeit sensors. The e-meit sensor can reflect sound waves from the acoustic guitar wall. The reason for choosing this kind of film is that it has strong electromechanical reaction when charging, which is more than 10 times higher than the non foaming tensile piezoelectric elastic film made of PVDC. The COC film produced by tri axcell is undergoing the final product performance test. Because of this, each face can only be shaped once. Lan's Pan phonics company has begun to use stretched film to produce electrostatic converters for loudspeakers. The company produces speakers with stable range, which can be controlled in a very narrow range, and the frequency reflection is not distorted

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