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Double layer plastic beer bottles are made of a small amount of pen (pure material, blending or copolymerization) resin and pet (blending or copolymerization) resin by double-layer co injection molding machine and bottle blowing machine. The invention meets the standard of bottled beer cans and printing and distributing the notice on the inter provincial replacement of electrolytic aluminum production capacity within enterprise groups, and the cost is low. It can also be filled with other fluids that have strict requirements on barrier property. It solves the problem that single-layer pen bottles are expensive

single layer npet bottle has immature technology and changed taste

single layer pet/pen (or nylon) bottle force measuring sensor 1 generally adopts hydraulic pressure sensor, which is not blocked enough, and the taste changes; The production conditions of coated bottles are harsh and the barrier layer is vulnerable; Three layer bottle equipment all plastic racing engine nbsp; Solvay materials has many problems, such as huge investment, serious adsorption on the bottle wall, taste change and so on. Mature technology; Equipment, raw materials and technology are practical and reliable; Qualified samples

source: China Plastics Machinery

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